This Is What It’s Like Writing For A Sex Doll Website

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Hey guys. My name is Madison, and I’ve been writing erotica and other things for Earth Erotic since November of 2018.

When I applied for the blogging position on a freelance app, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The post was vague and gave little detail about the actual task at hand.

At the time, I was new to the world of freelance writing and unconfident in my ability to consistently churn out quality pieces. I didn’t even know if I was qualified for a content creator title yet. When I applied, I just bs’d my cover letter and hoped for the best.

I had no idea I’d end up writing erotica.

Several weeks later, my future boss approached me and very politely asked if I was comfortable writing about sex dolls.

Needless to say, I was…taken slightly aback. But, I mostly felt happy to have a gig finally. After all, a job’s a job, and you bet your ass I needed both the money and a chance to build my portfolio. Trepidation tossed aside; I wholeheartedly agreed to go balls deep.

Blinded by my eagerness to write for profit finally, it didn’t take long for me to realize how very little I knew about the subject other than the concept of blow up dolls as gag gifts.

In the short time I took on this gig, I have learned so much about writing and of course, sex dolls. Besides that, my perspective on those who use them has changed. I used to think that the men who purchased these dolls were bizarre, sad, and lonely. But that isn’t the case (at least not all the time), and it isn’t just men who are into sex dolls, either.

I even had a chance to reflect on sex robots, in this post.

Sex Dolls - Emma Watson Awkward GIFWhen I saw the dolls for the first time I was perturbed.

I didn’t expect these sex dolls to look so realistic. When I pictured sex dolls in my mind, I saw silly, low-quality blowup dolls. When I first logged onto Earth Erotic to see what it was about, it gave me an up close and personal experience of the uncanny valley. I had no idea that the industry was manufacturing dolls that could pass for human at first glance.

Of course, now I’m more familiar with the site and dolls, I don’t get that feeling anymore. I actually can admire the work that went into making them. Luxury sex dolls like the ones in Earth Erotic’s store are incredibly well-made, and there’s a degree of artistry and skill in capturing the realism of a real woman.

As a woman, writing for a sex doll website makes me feel a lot of things.

The main thing I feel is confidence. It isn’t writing about sex dolls that causes me to feel better about myself — it’s the chance to finally make a living writing, something I’ve always dreamed of doing. Even if it is writing erotica.

Another thing I feel is amusement. If you had told me even a year ago that I’d be writing content for a company called Earth Erotic, I wouldn’t believe you. I laugh now because it truly is remarkable where life takes you. The future sure is unpredictable.

Despite the numerous positive emotions and ideas about this gig that I carry within myself, there’s a little bit of negativity that nags me. These not-so-positive thoughts stem from my fears and sensitivities of judgment from others. In turn, these paranoid thoughts stoke my worries that what I do for a living isn’t legitimate, valid, or worth respecting.

Writing Erotica - Jim Carrey Thumbs Up GIFValidation comes from within.

I just have to remind myself that I’m putting work into a company and getting paid for said work. That in itself is validation enough for me.

There’s a moment before I tell someone what I do where my stomach clenches, my heart skips, and I think about lying to save face. The answer, “I write for a sex doll website” comes out blanketed under an uneasy laugh that pathetically says, “please don’t judge me.”

Despite the raised eyebrows and chuckles that sound a little too much like scoffs, I continue to be honest about my work because it is honest work. Writing erotica isn’t the worst thing I can do. Fear of judgment is inescapable but so is the inability for me to be anyone but myself.

Fortunately, people seem generally supportive of me because a job’s a job and they’re glad to see me happy.

This sense of judgment that I receive from those who aren’t as supportive makes me think of those who purchase sex dolls. Even on video comments, it’s easy to see the stigma against not just the dolls but the people who use them. I worry about being judged, and I’m only a content creator — I wonder how some folks who own dolls must feel.

This job has helped me grow and become more open-minded and sex-positive, and I am so glad for it.

I can’t imagine what it must be like for someone who owns a doll.

I feel that the topic I write about is subject to more severe judgment because I am a woman. It isn’t just curmudgeons and pearl-clutchers I worry about, it’s other women. Writing erotica is one thing, but promoting sex dolls is another.

After all, don’t sex dolls put unrealistic expectations for beauty on real-life females? Barbie gets enough heat from feminists as it is, and she doesn’t even have a working vagina. Am I supporting an industry that supposedly is actively trying to replace females with fuckable Barbie dolls?

Or, even worse, how can I promote something that potentially reinforces passivity and submissiveness during intercourse between men and women? Am I helping train men to view women as objects of pleasure?

All of this boils down to a single concept — perhaps a dramatic one, but something I can see someone thinking nevertheless. Am I, a woman, betraying my sex (or gender, or whatever you want to call it) by writing for a sex doll website?

This gray area between SJWs, feminists, and sex positivity is a brave new world for me. It’s taken a lot of what I thought I knew about sex and what socially acceptable sex is and more or less turned it upside down.

Image result for thinking reaction gifI am continually learning and challenging myself.

I realize I’m writing more about sex positivity and sexual wellbeing than anything else. While writing erotica and backstories for the dolls is a large part of my job, it isn’t the focus of my writing assignments anymore. Take for example this post about how diet affects your sex drive or why on earth women would want to buy a male sex doll.

Researching and writing about these various topics is incredibly fascinating for me. The things I’ve learned through gathering info on multiple issues has taught me different reasons why people buy sex dolls.

Initially, I thought they were only tools for sexual gratification. But that’s just one aspect of them. They’re helpful as training tools to help men (and women) become better lovers for their current or future partners. And despite being inanimate, sex dolls are helpful for those with disabilities find companionship where it wasn’t available before. Plus, they make for great mannequins for artists. Honestly, sex dolls are as versatile as their owners want them to be.

Lastly, I love having the freedom to work from home, on my own time. It fills me with a sense of calm and fulfillment that I have never had in a job before. I’m writing, something I’ve always wanted to do. It just so happens that I write about sex dolls.

Hey! While you’re here…

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  1. zanyzeller says:

    Yeah girl you go do your thing. It’s good you found something that vibes with you and sets you on the path you want to be on, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

  2. Dick_Milk says:

    It’s good to see a website run by people who are genuine and not here just to make a buck. Great article, love the voice and tone.

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