7 Gifts For Him That Will Guarantee An Amazing Valentine’s Day

R-Rated Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

These naughty Valentine’s Day gifts for him are so hot; you might not be able to wait for the night!

Who’ll love them more?


Or you?

Sex Hips

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him - Front View Of Sex Hips PussyIt’s no secret that guys love masturbating. 

(But then again, who doesn’t?!)

Alektra Real Doll

These sex hips feel super realistic and will enhance his solo expeditions.

They’re also easy to clean, easy to hide, lightweight, and don’t take up a lot of space.

This is a Valentine’s Day gift for him that keeps on giving…and giving…and giving. 😉

Take it somewhere besides the bedroom

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him - Sex Around the House, Adult Board Game For Couples and LoversYou know how to make your Valentine’s Night romp even hotter?

Getting kinky and doing it in places you’ve never done it before!

You love doing unexpected things, and guys do, too.

If you’re tired of the same ole same ole, then Sex Around the House is the adult board game that will take both of you to new creative heights.


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Did you know that lingerie is actually a common kink? 

Your guy might not realize it, but he will once he sees how hot you look in something you don’t usually wear.

Buying a super sexy set of lingerie isn’t just a Valentine’s Day gift for him, but also yourself!

Plus, you can supplement this gift with something extra, like an out of this world best blow job tips ebook or pair of cheesy (but hilarious!) briefs for him.

Netflix and Chill

This portable mini projector turns any room into a place to watch your favorite show (or XXX video).

Instead of cozying up on the couch, take it to the bedroom and see how things go from there. 

Bonus points for bringing tasty, aphrodisiac treats like chocolate and wine. 😉

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Bed Wedge

How about a different kind of pillow talk?

The Liberator Heart Wedge sex pillow is everything you didn’t know you needed. 

The G-spot targeting incline lets him get in deep, so you both get maximum pleasure.

Plus, this bad boy doubles as a decorative pillow so you can hide it in plain sight. 

Good Vibrations

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts for him, vibrators are always a safe bet.

But if you feel getting a gift for yourself is cheating, check out the Je Joue Mio vibrating cock ring from Babeland.

On second thought…this might still be a gift for yourself.

It’ll seriously enhance your pleasure right where you want it, and he’ll feel like the man when he sees how much you love it.

Between this and the heart pillow above, you’re going to need some extra towels. 

All in good taste

You’re no stranger to flavored condoms, but you’ve never tried anything like LifeStlyes’s Skin Cocktail Club.

Flavors like pina colada, strawberry daiquiri, and cherry sunrise will make your mouth water, but let your guy think it’s because of him!

This might not be a “gift” per se, but it’s definitely a fun addition to your V-Day plans.

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More Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him from Earth Erotic

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