The Future Of Sex Is Here And It Looks Like A Sex Robot

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What does the future of sex robots look like?

Humans are pretty bad at predicting the future, but one thing that we’ve sort of got right are “sexbots,” or some variation of sex dolls integrated with AI technology.

Remember the fembots from the Austin Powers movies or the Stepford Wives? The concept of a robotic woman capable of having sex is nothing new.

Like anything else, there are supporters and opponents of AI-powered sex robots. Some argue that sexbots would prove beneficial for people with disabilities or the elderly who live in assisted living facilities, where STDs are a big problem.

Sex robots would be picture-perfect, and more sensual than anyone we’ve ever met. Perhaps an encounter with one of these sexbots would unleash our most hidden desires.

A sexbot that won’t say no? Sign me up!

The future is bound to bring a plethora of innovation. What about body suits that allow interactions with people and machines — all without moving? Will sex robots give us the chance to have dinner with the partner of our dreams whose only limitation is they can’t eat a steak?

Possibly, but hopefully, it will be a lot more prosaic.

Progress in the development of sex dolls is undoubtedly moving forward, but something that can pass as a human is decades away. So for better or worse, the robot in Ex Machina won’t be with us any time soon.

There are specific areas where developers are making huge strides.

Conversational bots are getting more and more sophisticated. They can converse through text and voice in real time. These robots’ conversations are almost indistinguishable from human conversation so long as the topics of discussion are relatively fixed.

So it’s possible to create a sexbot to talk dirty to you.

A companion bot that learns about your personality, interests, and has a character of its own is pretty far away.

Sexbots will have no limits.

There are robots which can run over obstaclesself-driving cars, and robot hands which can pick up an egg and cook it for you.

However, we are still a long way off to witnessing sex robots capable of performing in the bedroom and pleasuring users. There are numerous moral and technological hurdles to pass first.

Progress in brain-machine interfaces.

It’s possible to execute simple commands through a helmet which a user wears, but this tech is very new. It has to be customized to the individual, is very specific in it’s functioning, and is incredibly expensive. Also, it’s not portable.

These virtual companions are an alternative for those impatient for the arrival of high-functioning sex robots. The objective is engaging in virtual sex with other remote users or AI.

So, while humans can’t predict the future in its entirety, we have a good idea about the direction that sex robots are headed. It could be decades before we reach WestWorld-level robots. But that doesn’t stop people from dreaming about it in the meantime.

Imagine Fortnite meets orgy.

But this too is also far into the future.

Some examples of more futuristic forays into advanced technology:

Harmony – technically advanced sex dolls

Kiiroo – remote control and linked sex toys for men and women

Emotiv – brain-machine interfaces

For now, we have the most accessible sex dolls on the market at reasonable prices.

Watch me, babe.

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13 thoughts on “The Future Of Sex Is Here And It Looks Like A Sex Robot

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  2. dirtydustin says:

    I think this is cool, I can see how people worry about things like interpersonal communication but still, the thought of sex robots is too good

  3. richardowens999 says:

    I tell you what there is nothing than having a doll can’t fix hope one day I wake up and she’s making breakfast.

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