How To Introduce Love Dolls in the Bedroom

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Sex Dolls - Man And Wife With Their CollectionSex Dolls, Your Partner, and You

Last week, I wrote an article called, “What Would I Think If My Boyfriend Bought A Sex Doll.” The scenario fell under the premise of if I came home one day and there was a sex doll chilling in the bed. It more or less discussed how I’d react or how I’d feel.

However, I felt that a big thing that was missing from that hypothetical scenario was communication. After all, in the real world, I’m sure that if my boyfriend did decide to buy a sex doll, the lead up to that would include several very thorough talks.

So, for those who want to buy one, I say congratulations, because love dolls can broaden your world and enhance your sex life in a myriad of ways. But of course, the most important part before the purchase is communicating your desire for one with your partner.

Approaching this topic could be awkwardSex Dolls - Emma Watson Awkward GIF

…Even if you’ve been with your S.O. for some time. In my opinion, I do feel that there is a bit of stigma or stereotype regarding sex dolls, and if you are unsure about your partner’s thoughts on them, it may be difficult to approach him or her with your interest to buy one.

Depending on if your partner is male or female, there are different benefits in buying a sex doll. However, no matter if you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife, the common denominator is going to be communication.

When bringing up the topic, it is reasonable to think that your partner’s mind may jump to conclusions, such as, “You don’t think I’m good enough anymore,” “I’m not good at sex,” or, worse, “You want to be with someone else.”

But, as it is, sex dolls aren’t a substitute for a real person. There are very rare cases where those who buy dolls develop feelings for their purchase. However, those are few and far between. So if your partner thinks you are no longer emotionally invested in your guys’ relationship because you want to buy a doll, they can be assured that feelings aren’t a factor in your desire to introduce a doll in the bedroom.

Sex Dolls - A Couple Posing With Their Sex DollDolls are a sex toy–a sophisticated one, but a sex toy nonetheless

Try to have your partner view it as introducing a vibrator or some other kinky fun toy to enhance your sexual experience. Just as a dildo or a pocket pussy aren’t substitutions for the real thing, a sex doll isn’t a replacement for your partner. When you are in a relationship, sex includes a degree of emotion that plays in the bedroom, and a doll doesn’t reciprocate those feelings, just like any other sex toy.

There have been cases of women buying a doll from Earth Erotic because their husband spends a lot of time on the road. They believe a doll is a good opportunity for their partner to satisfy his sexual urges without cheating. Similarly, if you have a lower libido than your partner or are unable to have sex because of a condition, a sex doll would be a good way for your partner to satisfy himself.

Dolls as tools to benefit your love lifeRelated image

So, if you can get your partner to understand that it isn’t an emotional thing, you can move on to the next benefit of buying a sex doll: using it as a training tool to last longer and increase your stamina. While this mostly applies to men, female partners can also reap the benefits. The confidence of having higher stamina will also give him the confidence to take both partners happy.

Also, some men experience performance anxiety, even if they are in a long-term relationship. It isn’t unusual. A sex doll is a great way to alleviate some of the stress of performing sexually with a woman. Lasting longer brings a feeling of confidence to men, and that will only serve to benefit the two of you in the long run.

Lastly, and I think one of the best reasons worth mentioning to your partner during this conversation, is that a sex doll could be good as a way to gradually introduce another person (or even another couple) into your bed.

Sex Doll - Jmac and Kelsi Monroe SexDoll ThreesomeAlso…

Maybe a threesome or swinging is something you’ve discussed, but you’re unsure how or if to follow through. A sex doll would be a way to get used to the idea of having a third without complicating things emotionally between the two of you. Exploring new possibilities together is a sign of a healthy sex life. As long as both parties are on the same level and mutual respect is evident, there is nothing wrong with wanting this.

It can be awkward, and the added stress can be a turn-off. A man may feel intimidated having to pleasure two women. Using a sex doll in sexual encounters beforehand may give him some insight as to what to expect when it comes to having an additional partner in bed with him.

So, these are some of the reasons why I think a sex doll is beneficial. But how do you go about actually expressing this list when it comes down to have the talk?

Sex Doll - I Don't Know GIFIf Your Partner Is A Female

The prospect of talking to your female partner about buying a sex doll may seem daunting. However, keeping in mind the benefits of training with a doll, she may become a little more open-minded.

If my partner approached me, I could be more receptive if there was some level of build-up leading up to the conversation. By build up, I mean, when you sit your partner down to talk, make sure there are no distractions. Make sure she is in good spirits. Make sure she knows how much she is loved and cherished and how beautiful you think she is, and that by you bringing this up is in no way a mark against her.

Be upfront and frank, she deserves your honesty

Make sure if she seems upset that you let her vent. But, make sure when she finishes speaking, you have a chance to have your say. Emphasize you want a doll because you want to benefit her by becoming a better lover. Maybe have a couple of articles to show how a sex doll can help you with that. Here’s a list for you right here:

If she is receptive, maybe show her some of the dolls in Earth Erotic’s shop. See if she finds any of them cute, and give her the chance to become a part of the process. Feeling included will keep her from feeling like an outsider, or that you’re in pursuit of “another woman.”

The dolls may heighten their insecurities about their bodies. This is a reasonable concern because they are essentially lifesized, fuckable Barbies. Make sure to reassure her that you love her the way she is. That–and keeping her feelings in mind– is, in my lone opinion, the best things to keep in mind.

If your partner is a manImage result for awkward man gifs

If you’re a lady and you want to buy a sex doll for your male partner, he could feel he is failing to pleasure you. It is important to emphasize the training tool aspect of it or the threesome part. You could even show him the articles mentioned in the previous section.

Taking the initiative in improving your sex life could be a turn-on for him. He may like that you are interested in mixing things up, especially if things have been routine for a while. Show him some of the dolls from Earth Erotic’s shop and ask him if there’s one that sticks out to him.

Make sure that he doesn’t think it’s anything to do with him, and that he’s still the man to you. I think that when broaching the subject with a male partner, it’s easy for him to feel slightly emasculated. Make him understand that its a toy for the both of you. It’s more than just a training tool, and its something for him to enjoy as well. Making him feel like he can have fun with the doll, too, could help him relax.

Whatever your situation is, I wish you the best of luck in your discussion. I hope that whatever comes of this chat with your partner, it opens a door for healthy sexual discourse down the road. You and your partner both deserve to be happy and satisfied in all aspects of your relationship. Good luck, and Godspeed.

For more quips and tidbits about sex dolls, check out our Blog. Make sure to learn how diet affects your sex life and whether it costs more to date or buy a doll.

If your talk went well, wander over to the Earth Erotic Shop to see what we have available.

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17 thoughts on “How To Introduce Love Dolls in the Bedroom

  1. wubam says:

    you really gotta admire the couples that can stay together and appreciate sex dolls together the couple that fucks together stays together

  2. kylelowe715 says:

    I like the idea of working your way up to a threesome using sex dolls. I’ve ruined a couple relationships because we think we wanted to have someone join us but emotions just got in the way. I think a doll would be good to fill that desire to have someone but you don’t need to worry about jealousy.

  3. Princess Paula says:

    I have a male sex doll and I think it would be really hard to get a possible bf to be into that… I feel like this would only work with girl dolls, maybe.

  4. rowdy_ryan says:

    Don’t see why the wife would be mad, she still gets to sleep in the bed at the end of the night. Dolls are good for when the woman “isn’t in the mood” which they always are

  5. a-a-ron says:

    I’ve been thinking about getting a sex doll and wonder if I ever dated someone again how she would take it. It’s hard to say.

  6. l_potluck says:

    I just hope that those people who do want a doll but are in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want one can work things out together and be happy and not break up over a doll

  7. batman says:

    I bought Tina because she looks like a damsel in distress and I thought it would be good for Robin and I to have some sexy foreplay in the bedroom but he’s not into it. I’ll show him this article and hopefully he’ll change his mind.

  8. jollygreengiant says:

    Almost glad I don’t have a female around to stop me from getting one, when I decided to get it and didn’t have to consult anyone it was kind of a relief.

  9. jollygreengiant says:

    I don’t see why you’d need a sex doll if you were in a relationship. But I get that some people are into other things. Maybe I’m not as kinky as I thought…

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