How Do Sex Dolls Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Amya Doll - Sex Dolls - Earth Erotic

Amya Doll - Sex Dolls - Earth EroticWorst Valentine’s Day Ever

Amaya, the princess sex doll, leaned back in a restaurant booth, head resting on one hand, elbow on the table.

The leather was starting to stick to the bottom of her thighs; she could feel it when she shifted and crossed her legs.

After that, she took her wine glass and swirled it around. It was a sweet white, but it wasn’t sweet enough to offset her bitterness.

When the waiter brought it to her, it was chilled, but now it was growing warm.

And she was growing impatient.

Where is she? 

The candle the waiter had lit for ambiance was burned halfway already. It had to have been an hour since she arrived in the restaurant.

Amaya’s eyes scanned the rest of the room, watching the other couples talk in hushed, low voices, heads bowed close together over candlelight.

Low, soft piano music played distantly. It was calming, soothing. But it did little to ease Amaya’s agitation.

The waiter tepidly ventured over towards Amaya. He’d been polite, but it had to be half a dozen times of him stopping by her table as she sat alone.

“Another glass for you miss?” he asked. He felt bad for her; it was a shame to see a lovely sex doll sitting alone.

The hand Amaya was using as a headrest fell on the table, and she tossed back the wine. “No, I think I’ll just have the check.”

Suddenly, a female voice interrupted the kindly waiter.Big Boobs - Downward View Of Maria Osawa - Earth Erotic

“Hold off on that, please.”

Her eyes fell on Maria Osawa, and her body filled with a mixture of anger and arousal.

Maria, wearing a sexy black dress that looked more like a piece of lingerie from Victoria’s Secret than actual clothing, brushed past the waiter and took a seat in front of Amaya.

The waiter’s face was flush, mouth agape. Maria waved her hand, silently urging him to collect himself. “Merlot, please. And another glass for my girlfriend.”

The waiter nodded and hurried away. Amaya crossed her arms. “I’m not your girlfriend, Maria.”

She scoffed, flipped her long black hair over her shoulder. Her generous cleavage nearly poured onto the table. Amaya desperately tried to hold her eyes steady.

“Why are you late? You made me wait half an hour. Don’t tell me it was so that you could curl your hair.”

Maria’s blood-red lips curled into a devious smile. “You’ll find out later.”

“What makes you think there’s going to be a later?”

Amya Doll - Sex Dolls - Earth Erotic“Oh, princess. I know you. Don’t pretend you don’t like being bossed around.”

Her hand reached out across the table to hold Amaya’s. Her nails were red, to match her lipstick. Then she continued, her voice low, erotic, and teasing. “I know what you like.”

Amaya’s stomach erupted with butterflies, but she turned her head away to try and hide the blush she knew crept over her face.

She could feel Maria’s smugness across from her. She wanted to be angry because she was still upset at her date’s tardiness.

Amaya realized her hand was still held firmly under Maria’s, and she pulled it away, back to her lap.

The waiter returned, glasses in hand. He ceremoniously poured the wine, inquiring about what they would like to order as he did.

Maria motioned for Amaya to go first. “You’ve had enough time to decide, why don’t you go and I’ll look at the menu real quick.”

Amaya shook her head at this callous remark. “The pesto pasta, please. And a salad.”

Next, the waiter then turned to Maria. Amaya could see his eyes struggling to stay eye-level. She couldn’t blame him.

This sex doll looked good enough to eat.Big Boobs - Maria Osawa In Black Lingerie - Earth Erotic

It was hard to stay mad at her when she looked the way she did. Amaya watched as Maria gestured at the menu, trying to figure out what the best suggestion was.

Her eyes drifted from Maria’s face, pale and angular, the picture perfect femme fatale. They wandered to her thin neck, to her collar bone, around which she wore a sexy black choker.

Amaya felt her desires growing stronger, especially when she let her gaze rest on her companion’s breasts, which her dress generously displayed.

Suddenly, she was pulled back to reality as she felt Maria’s foot gently tapping the toe of her heels. “Take a picture. It’ll last longer.”

Eyes rolling, Amaya sipped her wine. It tasted much better now that she had company. She could almost forgive Maria for making her wait. “You’re so cheesy.”

Maria shrugged.

Amya Doll - Sex Dolls - Earth Erotic“You want to know why I was late?”

Interest piqued, Amaya set down her glass and leaned over the table to listen. Maria’s smile widened. “Come with me.”

Then she stood, holding a hand out for Amaya to take.

Confused, but unable to do anything except obey the bewitching sex doll before her, she complied.

They strode across the restaurant, every head turning as they passed. Amaya suddenly felt very proud to be led by Maria, who by far was the most beautiful creature in the building.

She was about to ask where she was being led when she realized they were going to the bathroom.

“I was going to wait until we got home, but you look like a treat. I know you’re not supposed to have dessert for dinner, but you’ll be my appetizer,” Maria locked the door behind them and pushed Amaya against the wall.

“Maria, what’re you–what will they say out there–?” But Maria was already kissing her deeply, her tongue running over Amaya’s.

Amaya gasped as her need to have Maria went into overdrive. Maria hiked up her dress, took Amaya’s hand, and pressed it against her sex doll pussy, which was soaking wet.

“You’re not wearing panties!”Big Boobs - Maria Osawa's Ass - Earth Erotic

Amaya laughed.

Maria smirked. “And what else?”

“You shaved! That’s why you were late?”

Between neck kisses, Maria said, “Well…I had this planned…but I got so turned on thinking about making you cum in public…so I had to do something about it…I knew there wouldn’t be time for both of us, so I took care of that.”

Then it was Maria’s turn to touch Amaya. “You’re wet, too…I thought you were mad at me?”

“Shut up,” Amaya pouted.

Next Maria slid down on her knees and hiked up Amaya’s powder blue dress. “Gladly.”

Then, with one hand she pulled the princess doll’s panties to the side and with the other she slipped two fingers in her slick, tight pussy.

And then she pressed her face between Amaya’s legs, her tongue exploring every area it touched.

Amaya had to cover her mouth with her hand; the feeling was so intense. She spread her pale sex doll legs as much as she could, giving Maria plenty of room to work with.

Maria moaned, complimenting Amaya in half a dozen ways, declaring she’d never been with anyone with such a perfect pussy.

Meanwhile, Amaya gripped a fistful of her partner’s long ebony hair, tugging and directing her where to go. “You’re gonna make me cum so hard!”

Amya Doll - Sex Dolls - Earth Erotic“Mmm fuck yeah!”

Maria murmured, her tongue flicking faster over Amaya’s clit.

Amaya’s mind started to make up wild fantasies about what they could do next if they had the chance.

Maria could bend her over and fuck her tight sex doll ass with her strap on, make her look in the mirror and watch as she fucked her.

Amaya stifled a cry as she came, the suddenness of her orgasm overwhelming her and making her knees turn into jelly.

Maria looked up at her, her usual smugness coupled with intense satisfaction. She wiped her lips, stood, and stuck her finger in Amaya’s mouth.

Still looking her in the eyes, Amaya took her hand and put her whole finger in her mouth, loving the way Maria’s eyes filled with longing as she did.

The two gave each other one last kiss and used the mirror to preen each other to not indicate their little exhibitionist act.

“There’s more where that came from when we get home,” Maria said, unlocking the door and winking at her before stepping out. “I’ll wait for you at the table. You may need to take a little more time to compose yourself.”

Amaya checked her reflection in the mirror and saw Maria was correct. Her cheeks were flush, and her hair was still wild in the back from pressing against the wall.

As she adjusted herself, she couldn’t help but smile. She could almost forgive Maria for being late.

If that was just the beginning, it surely would be an exceptional Valentine’s indeed.

Sweet Treats Just For YouBig Boobs - Closeup Of Maria Osawa's Huge Boobs - Earth Erotic

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    Pretty good, would have been good to have the waiter turn out to be Leo or something and they could have had a little threesome in the bathroom though 😉

  2. jollygreengiant says:

    Better than my valentine’s 🙁 I should have had a sex doll ordered a while ago so I could have had someone at least

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