The Complete How-To For Sex Doll Disposal And Recycling

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Tips For Sex Doll Disposal

Generally, there are three ways people handle sex doll disposal:

  • Selling her online
  • Dismantling her limbs and taking her to a dump
  • Recycling at an appropriate facility
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Luckily, sex doll disposal one of the few things that are as easy to do as it is said.

Usually, when you buy a love doll, you do it thinking that you’ll care for her well enough that she lasts for a long time. 

But sometimes, things happen, and a day might come when it comes time to part ways.

There are a few reasons why a sex doll owner might need to get rid of a doll. 

Perhaps you move into a smaller place.

Maybe storage becomes too much of a hassle.

You may not have as much time to use her or clean her.

She possibly becomes irreparably damaged.

Or, time takes its toll and she just isn’t the same as the day you received her.

Whatever your reason, we can tell you how to safely and efficiently get rid of your sex doll.

Keep in mind that, however, you choose to do it will depend on her condition.

Selling Her

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If your doll is in tip-top shape, selling her to someone else might be your best bet.

Not only would you not have to worry about scrutiny by dropping her off a facility, but you can make a little bit of your money back.

The market for used sex dolls is pretty big, and you might already be aware of it. 

Here are some sites to check out to resell your used love doll:

Plus, online stores make it easier than ever to reach out to someone looking for used sex dolls.

(But you should really stick to selling to someone you know and trust.)

Of course, like any sex doll disposal method, if you choose to put your doll up for sale, you need to be responsible about it.

You need to thoroughly clean, disinfect, and dry her to ensure you don’t infect the buyer.

If you have a TPE doll, you should know that it is a very porous material, you should take extra care as bacteria is easily absorbed into it.

Boiling sex toys will help get rid of bacteria, but of course, you can’t use boiling water on your sex doll.

In addition to checking out our articles for sex doll care and maintenance to learn how to clean your love doll properly, you should also do a healthy amount of Googling to determine the safest practices.

Taking Her To A Dump

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If your realistic sex doll is too old or needs too many repairs, and selling her isn’t an option, dropping her off at a landfull might be your best bet.

Before taking her though, you will need to take her apart and wrap her limbs in opaque garbage bags.

Not only will it make transporting her more manageable, but it will also keep you from looking like you are carrying a body out of your home.

Recycle Your Sex Doll

This method really depends on the material your doll is made out of. 

There’s a lot of differences between silicone and TPE, and you must take the time to learn about them.

For sex doll disposal purposes, just know that TPE is a highly recyclable material and silicone is not.

Either way, both materials are designed to be extremely durable and meant to last, especially for silicone sex dolls.

Unfortunately, if you live in the U.S., the only recycling centers that were available have since closed.

Come As You Are, a Toronto-based company, handles sex doll recycling. As does Lovehoney, which is located in the UK.

Says Jack Lamon of Come As You Are,

“The whole endeavor is inconvenient and expensive and no company with capitalist intentions would engage in sex toy recycling. We were founded as a co-op to keep us honest and to ensure that no one of us ever personally profited from our business. This allows us to do things other businesses can’t justify doing.”

However, there is still one more way to recycle sex dolls.

Some manufacturers buy back sex dolls and recycle them on-site. They clean, crush, melt and remake them into another sex doll, or anything else made from TPE or silicone.

It’s a win for you because you get some of your money back and you don’t have to take her to a recycling facility.

And it’s a bigger win for the environment because it’s one less item that will never deteriorate in a landfill.

Just check online for any companies that offer this service, even if they don’t produce love dolls.

Be Responsible About Sex Doll Disposal

Sex dolls can bring a lot of real-life enjoyment for people who love sex or just want a little companionship. 

You may never need to part ways, but if it ever comes down to it, make sure you’re informed.

Make sure that when it comes time to get rid of your doll, that you’re careful and respectful.

Improper disposal is a health risk to people and harmful to the environment.

So remember, if you sell her, clean her really, really thoroughly.

If you take her to the dump, disassemble her and wrap her in thick, opaque bags. People who work there will come in contact with her, and they don’t want to realize they’re touching a dirty sex doll.

You’re an adult, and you’re responsible at that. Whatever method you choose to dispose of your doll, be conscientious about it.

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Depending on how willing you are to reduce your carbon footprint, you can contact the UK or European websites for more information.

Here are a few other places that might be worth looking into:

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