This Is Why You Need To Jumpstart Your Sex Doll Collection

Sex Doll Collection

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Welcome to the new age of sex doll collection

We live in a society. A stagnant one.

Especially when it comes to sex dolls, people generally have the same attitudes they had ten, even twenty years ago.

As much as we are evolving, some attitudes are severely lacking in progression.

What people don’t realize, and maybe you don’t, either, is that regardless of what the mainstream has to say about sex dolls, they’re going to evolve.

What do I mean by that? Well, my friend, allow me to elaborate.

We can both agree that outsiders to the industry only look at love dolls as advanced sex toys.

Alright, that’s technically the truth, but those of us who pay more attention, we know there’s more to them than that.

Just like anything else, sex dolls are continually evolving. And with each evolution, they reach a higher purpose.

They might have started as objects for sex, but one day, they will be able to do so much more than that.

It’s not a matter of if androids replace sex dolls–it’s when.

And when that happens, it’ll be a moment history will remember. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?

Collectors will seek out today’s sex dolls because they will be pieces of history. And they will be willing to pay a lot of money for these android predecessors.

How much do you think the sex dolls of today will be worth? 10K? 20K?

Sex dolls are an investment, but in the future, their worth will be even more than it is now.

If you already have one doll, you should consider buying another. That way you have one to play with and one that you don’t touch–much. 😉

Android foremothers

Sex Doll Collection - Eve Sitting On Floor Wearing Black Lingerie - Earth Erotic

When the androids come, the models you see now won’t exist anymore. It’s not like finding a first generation iPod at a yard sale–when these dolls are gone, they’re gone.

Sex robots like Eve will replace them.

Have you had a chance to meet her yet? She’s one of the first androids on the market–and the beginning of many more to come.

Watching videos of her is surreal. You can’t deny that it’s amazing to see a real-life sex robot.

Eve reminds all of us that the future is happening before our eyes. We can embrace this or fight it. 

I would encourage embracing this evolution. You can’t stop progress, so what’s the point in trying?

It’s funny because we may think Eve is advanced now. But we know that in a few years, she’ll be as much of a prototype as the sex dolls of today.

AI-infused sex dolls will only become more realistic and walk among us.

I guarantee that in my lifetime, Eves; there will be Dolores Abernathys, too.

This is why it’s important to start collecting sex dolls. Change is going to come at us way faster than we realize.

Before we know it, manufacturers won’t make love dolls anymore. As tech progresses, they might switch gears in favor of androids.

The sex dolls we know of today will be completely different in the future, and that’s why they will be coveted collector’s pieces.

These future bots will serve other purposes besides filling humans’ sexual desires. For example, they might be programmed to become assistants or caregivers, such as Grace from Umbrella Academy.

China Adult Care Expo - Sex Robot Closeup - Earth EroticHow cool is that?

It’s funny to think that the industry paving the way in android development is the sex doll industry.

Imagine the opportunity to have a piece of history, something worth ten times what you originally paid for it.

But of course, that’s only if you take care of your doll.

In five to ten years, when sex doll collectors try to get their hands on these early models, you’ll be glad you already have yours.

So, how can you maintain your doll to ensure your piece of history lasts?

Hard storage cases

A necessary part of any collection is knowing how to store it. The first (and simplest) step for preserving your sex doll collection buying a hard storage case. If you purchase a doll from Earth Erotic, you can order one for her to come in, or you can buy it separately.

A hard storage case is the best way to protect your girl. Try as you might keep her from getting damaged, you may still find tears, impressions, stains, or other accidents.

There are lots of different ways to safely store your sex doll, but the simplest is just keeping her in a hard storage case.

Grow your sex doll collection

The second recommendation is not using her as much. And before you say anything, let me explain, because I know that sounds absurd.

I know that for the majority of people who buy sex dolls, they’re getting it, so they have something to fuck. It does seem counterintuitive to buy something meant for fucking and then not use it for its intended purpose.

However, having sex with a doll does cause it to deteriorate faster. If you have a bigger sex doll collection, one single doll isn’t subject to the same wear and tear.

Similarly, you could buy two dolls (and with payment plans, it’s not impossible). You can keep one for touching and one for looking (sort of like your first museum display).

Having a full-sized sex doll for companionship and a smaller masturbator like the sex hips or sex legs is another option.

We are currently in the process of expanding our assortment of masturbators, which are inexpensive, easy to clean, and lightweight.

More people that you think have a sex doll collection. For them, it’s about more than sex. Take Bob Gibbons, a UK man who has over 240 dolls.

He and his wife enjoy dressing the dolls, taking them on rides, and looking at peoples’ reactions when they pass.

While Bob may have the most extensive sex doll collection in the world, he isn’t the only man to have multiple dolls.

Take a look at any doll forum, and you’ll find plenty of people with multiple dolls. Some people enjoy having a variety, others just like the company. Some doll owners exclusively collect unique dolls like Venus or elf dolls like Enya.

Take care of your sex doll!

Lastly, if you want to keep your doll in tip-top shape, take a peek at our brief but helpful articles:

Sex Doll Care - Barbie Doll Washing Her Hair

Make sure that when you put her in different sex positions, you are aware of her weight displacement in addition to yours. Use pillows and blankets during doggy style, and put some padding on the floor any time she’s on her knees.

Of course, you don’t need me to tell you this; you already know how to take care of your doll.

But it’s just some helpful tips for those who are interested in preserving their sex doll collection.

Sex doll collections…historical artifacts?

Sex doll collector Brick Dollbanger, who owns a Harmony model of his own, has stated that sex dolls could replace tech like Amazon’s Alexa because AI devices such as those lack a human touch.

In our lifetimes, there may be android butlers and AI assistants. It’s wild to think about how science fiction is becoming more of a reality every year.

Check out some of the newest additions to our sex doll collection, like Bibi and Alice, and don’t miss out on your chance to own a piece of history.

Get a part of the action

Busty Redhead - Brooke In Red Dress Ass And Pussy - Earth Erotic

Have some fun window shopping in the Store.

Payment plans with Klarna make it easy to begin your sex doll collection.

Plus, buying from Earth Erotic means discreet shipping–for free!

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