7 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Sex Doll Clothes

Asian Sex Doll Ying - Earth Erotic Sex Doll

Pipper Dolls - A Sex Doll Model Wearing a Short Ash Brown Wig - Earth EroticDoll Up Your Doll

Your sex doll is perfect in every way.

She was made just for you, and now you have an opportunity to spend many years with her, provided you take good care of her.

However, she’s a female, and females have needs. Every girl wants to feel pretty, inside and out.

So, naturally, she needs some cute clothes, some makeup, and a couple of accessories to tie her look together.

But you’re a guy; not to be presumptuous, but I assume you know very little about clothes and underwear shopping and how to apply makeup.

Not to worry, this little post is going to direct you in the right direction.

I can’t speak for your sex doll, but I can try.

My goal is to make sure you know how to shop for your doll and make her the best looking gal around.

Japanese Sex Doll - Risako Side Profile - Earth EroticKnow Your Sex Doll’s Measurements

So, to begin, it’s important to know your doll’s measurements. If you bought her from Earth Erotic, most of them are listed under her product description, but you may need a couple more details that we didn’t add.

Important measurements you’ll need to find would include her inseam and underbust (the point of her ribcage directly under her breasts). These are important because you can plug these measurements into a size calculator on Google to find her size easily.

A size calculator works for bras, pants, blouses, dresses, etc. And since you have your doll right in front of you, it should be no problem to whip out a measuring tape and get her specs.

(Of course, you can always go to the store and pick out random clothes to take home, try on, and return later.)

Once you have those, you’ll have a better idea of her size. Most stores carry all sizes, but some of our dolls have some unique measurements that might make it difficult to find the right outfit.

Your doll may have an extra small waist but extra large curves. Her generous measurements can complicate the search a little, but not to fear; if worse comes to worst, cinching a waist belt around her will help accentuate her sexy curve and improve the way a large shirt fits her small frame.

For sex dolls with larger-than-life breasts, I recommend checking out plus-sized stores like Torrid, Cato, or Catherines. Perhaps you have other shops in your area in a similar vein.

Blonde Sex Doll - June Posing In Black Lingerie - Earth EroticSecond, it’s important to know that sports bras can be sexy.

As athletic wear becomes more mainstream to wear outside of the gym, the variety of sports bras has expanded dramatically.

I recommend sports bras because they have greater elasticity and can still offer your doll fantastic shape and support.

Not only that, they can come in lace, spandex, and some other materials. And there is a wide range of patterns that will look amazing on your doll.

Victoria’s Secret is always a good bet, and they often have sales throughout the year. You can also check out your local sex shop; they may have kinkier, sexier lingerie than what you’ll find in the mall.

Buying undies should be less problematic, as it is easier to find a pair that works with generous curves.

I recommend Target as they have tons of cute panties in plenty of styles at an affordable price.

What clothes work best for sex dolls?Sexy Sex Doll - Caroline With Her Hand Partially In Her Jeans - Earth Erotic

If you’re having a hard time finding a blouse or shirt that fits your doll, consider maybe buying a button-up.

This style is perfect for dolls with itsy bitsy waists and big boobs. You could leave it unbuttoned, so your doll can flaunt her incredible assets.

Next to finding the perfect bra, pants may be the most challenging thing to find.

I think that leggings would make it much easier to dress your doll, plus they come in tons of styles, from leather to velvet and everything in between.

Leggings are easier to take on and off, and they’re relatively inexpensive, depending on the brand. Plus, they’ll look sexy with any top your put on your doll.

For those, most stores carry them as they are very in fashion right now.

Dresses are an easy way to make your sex doll the bell of the ball. Mod Cloth is an online shop that specializes in quirky, retro, but oh-so-sexy clothing.

On Mod Cloth, you can find plenty of bustier-focused clothes, and they have a plus-sized section if you need to check it out.

And you remember that waist belt I mentioned earlier? Buy one, and make it a staple in your doll’s closet. It’s the best way to tailor an oversized shirt or dress.

Okay, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about clothes.

Real Doll - A Super Closeup of Elyon's Face and Nipple - Earth EroticNow it’s on to makeup.

We wrote an article discussing the differences between silicon and TPE, so make sure to check it out, so you learn the ins and outs of each material.

Earth Erotic’s dolls are all made from TPE, which is a very flexible, realistic, but absorbent material.

With that in mind, it’s important to be aware of the ingredients in the makeup you plan on applying on your doll’s pretty face.

Generally, Earth Erotic’s sex dolls come with makeup, but if you want to change things up a bit, that’s okay, too.

If you want to add eye shadow, blush, bronzer, or face powder, make sure you choose powder-free versions, rather than liquid ones that will seep into your doll’s skin.

Make sure you have a brush for smooth and even application. You don’t want to use your fingers, even for eye shadow.

Fingers make for poor makeup applicators, and the oils will absorb into her skin.

You could use the brushes or pads that come with the makeup, but I recommend buying a brush because they often work better than the factory-issued brushes.

This seems high-maintenance, but your sex doll will appreciate it: get a brush for powder, a brush for eye shadow, and a brush for applying lipstick and lipgloss.

Each brush is designed for a different part of the makeup application process and will make her look like a professional applied her makeup.

And when you want to take it off, use a water-based makeup remover, soap, or Vaseline on a cotton pad. Whatever you do, stay away from oils!

Million Dollar Doll on a Dime

Alexis Texas - Sex Doll - Earth EroticYou don’t have to spend a fortune on products to make your sex doll look beautiful.

After all, she’s already there.

However, if you want to go for it, I’ve had the best luck with Elf. They have quality products at an inexpensive price, so you have more money for clothes shopping.

Check out some YouTube tutorials for how to apply makeup properly. They’re super helpful and can give you useful tips on the best brands to use.

You can find Elf at any grocery store, clothing store, or drug store.

Sylvia Doll - Sex Dolls - Earth EroticWhen it comes to accessories, the sky’s the limit.

Of course, it’s always good to keep in mind your doll’s ring size and make sure her bracelets aren’t so big they fall off her hands.

But necklaces are an easy way to dress her up and tie her outfit together. And I’m sure you know where to go for those. 🙂

I tried to touch on a few of the things that will take your sex doll from an ordinary object to something you can care for and make apart of your life.

If you have any questions or feel that I missed something, leave a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Maybe you could even let me know where you shop for your doll or post pictures of her all…dolled up?

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  1. jollygreengiant says:

    What about perfume? Is that bad? I also heard that it’s bad to get their faces wet. What happens when water gets on the neck area?

  2. mikenike says:

    I just ordered a doll and didn’t even think about this. I’ve looked up care and maintenance but somehow completely forgot about clothes. I guess if I keep her naked all the time I don’t have to worry about it lol

  3. rowdy_ryan says:

    Cool, I would imagine that bra shopping would be the hardest thing to do. Can’t exactly bring your doll with you to the shop to try them on. It’s awkward enough going in as a guy I can’t imagine what it would be like to just go in and ask for a bra and say, “uhhh it’s for my sex doll.”

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