The Complete Guide For Easy Sex Doll Care

Sex Doll Care - Barbie Doll Washing Her Hair

Sex Doll Care 

Your doll is your darling, and you want to do everything you can to make sure she stays in the best condition possible. With the proper care and maintenance, you can keep your sex doll in the same condition as the day you got her.

Cleaning a fixed Vagina

One of our passionate client was kind enough to demonstrate how to clean a fixed vagina.

You can also take a look a quicker demo of hw to clean your sex doll here!

Here are some guiding tips that will help you take the best care of your sex doll and make her last for years to come.

Sex Doll Care - Sex Doll In The Bathtub

Bathing Your Sex Doll

If the thought of washing your doll and running the chance of ruining her in some way intimidates you, not to worry! The process, if done carefully, is easier than you think.

A good rule of thumb is to thoroughly clean your doll’s body every 30 days using a mild antimicrobial soap.

There is a difference between antimicrobial and antibacterial soaps, so make sure you double check that the soap you purchase is antimicrobial.

Antibacterial soaps only kill bacteria. Antimicrobial kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microscopic nasties.

Look for soaps containing triclosan, one of the main ingredients in antimicrobial soap.

When you bathe your sex doll, it’s okay to set her in the water or even shower with her!

But don’t let her neck or head submerge underwater. To clean her face, carefully use a wet cloth and antimicrobial soap.

To dry her, pat her down using an absorbent towel. Even if it takes more time, patting is gentler and more effective.

After she is completely dry, dust her with renewal powder using the included brush. The powder helps keep her skin soft and absorbs any moisture you might have missed.

Never use a blow dryer or other heat source on your doll. Silicone and TPE can’t handle that kind of intense heat.

Cleaning Your Sex Doll’s Love Holes

Sex Doll Care - Vaginal Irrigator

Keeping your doll’s vaginal, oral, and anal cavities in tip-top shape is crucial. Not only will regular cleaning provide a better experience for you, but it will also protect yourself from bacteria or other diseases.  

You should clean your sex doll’s vaginal, anal, and oral cavities every time you use them. Even if you use a condom, bacteria still has a chance to grow inside them.

We strongly recommend you use a condom.

Additionally, if your dolls made out of TPE, this material is highly porous and attracts more microbes than silicone.

To make more thorough cleaning easier, consider purchasing a small pump irrigator.

You can flush your sex doll’s love holes with the same mild antimicrobial soap you used for the rest of her body.

Next, rinse the cavities with clean water using a vaginal irrigator until the soap is washed out.

Then, to dry her holes, gently pat them until there is no more water. Use more renewal powder on both the inside and outside of these cavities.

Caring for Your Doll’s Skin & Clothing

Sex Doll Care - Akira Naked - Earth EroticTaking the right measures to care for your doll’s skin is one of the most important things you can do to promote her longevity and keep her as beautiful as she was on Day One.

Sex dolls may not age, but if it isn’t taken care of, their skin does become more susceptible to tearing and other tarnish.

If you find that your doll’s skin is becoming tacky, it’s time to give her a clean. After that, give her a light dusting with either renewal or baby powder.

If you use renewal powder, use the accompanying brush for better coverage. Doing so will help prevent your doll’s skin from tearing as easily.

When it comes to clothing, it’s essential to make sure that the fabric is color transfer resistant, especially if your doll is made from TPE.

Darker colors or bright patterns might bleed and stain your doll. Stains can be a real challenge to remove, and it’s best to take precautions beforehand to keep that from happening.

Keep newspapers, magazines, and other items with ink off of your sex doll, and avoid placing her on furniture that is dark, leather, or contains oil-soluble pigments.

When deciding on a lubricant to use, stay away from silicone or petroleum-based lubes and opt instead for water-based lubricants.

And, just like a real person, direct sunlight will damage your doll’s skin and cause it to age.

Maintaining Her Skeletal Frame

Sex Doll Care - Metal Skeleton FrameEvery sex doll contains a metal skeleton and has various fixed and removable joints that allow for maximum flexibility so you can position her however you want.

In addition to her joints, your doll’s feet and legs contain screw-fixing holes where you might see small traces of modification.  

When you move your doll, be gentle and very careful. Since her frame is metal, she could be heavy. Don’t drop her or knock her against hard surfaces or wall corners and avoid sharp objects.

Be careful not to stretch her limbs or use extreme force during use. Any of these things could damage her delicate skin as well as her skeleton and diminish your doll’s quality and longevity.

While it may seem tempting to leave your sex doll in a specific position for a long time, such as in a chair or even lying in bed, her body could become deformed or damaged in other ways. Even leaving her standing for too long can cause changes in her feet. So, adjust her pose regularly to prevent this from occurring.

Wig Care

Since your doll doesn’t naturally produce oils, you don’t have to worry about cleaning her hair as often. However, that doesn’t mean you should skip on the occasional wash. It’s inevitable that oils and dirt from you and her surroundings will transfer to her wig.

When you do wash her hair, take off her wig and wash it with a mild shampoo and conditioner. Refrain from using a hair dryer and let it dry naturally. For this, it’s best to buy a wig stand.

After the wig dries, gently comb it either your fingers or a wide tooth comb, being careful not to tear the hair out or cause breakage. Begin at the end and work your way to the crown.

If your doll’s wig is curly, don’t brush it and instead look for the best ways to care for curly hair as it is much different than straight or relaxed hair.

If you purchase a wig separate from the one that came with your sex doll, check the manufacturer’s guide for proper cleaning.

Sex Doll Care - Washing A Wig

Resources, Tips, and Tricks

Whether you already own a doll or are looking for your first, knowing how to care for her is crucial. Read our other articles about sex doll care and reach out via our customer service chat with any questions you have.

You can also learn different ways to store your sex doll and find helpful tips for finding a sexy outfit for her.

The Forum is a great place to ask questions and get answers from other doll owners.

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