This Is Why Sex Doll Brothels Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Sex Doll Brothels - Sex Sign

Unfasten your seat belt!

Sex Doll Brothels - Sex Doll In Bed

Did you say sex doll brothel?

It’s incredible to think that the future is here, unfolding in the present. Concepts that were once the dreams of science fiction are happening now, and are becoming more commonplace. Take, for example, sex doll brothels.

Picture this:

You’re walking down the street, minding your own business. Maybe you’re even a little horny. And then, a big red sign pulls your attention away from your inner thoughts. You turn your head, and there it is: “Sex Doll Brothel.”

Even if the thought of hiring a sex worker has never been your thing, the idea of a sex doll brothel is intriguing. Maybe you disregard the sign and move on with your day. Or perhaps you step inside to see what it’s like.

But are these brothels any more controversial than prostitution, which Rudyard Kipling described as the oldest profession in history? [i]

Sex doll brothels are a contentious subject, both politically, socially, and morally. Despite these concerns, brothels are opening around the world, mostly in Europe, with a few located in North America and Asia.

Some countries grudgingly permit their existence, but others, like China, draw a hard line, citing that sex doll brothels “disturbed the social order with vulgar activities.” [ii]

Sex Doll Brothels - Woman In Bed

A new industrial revolution

Of course, concerns regarding automation and the eventual replacement of human workers with robots are nothing new.

Since the Industrial Revolution, fears of mass employment caused by machines have plagued workers and economists alike. [iii]

Advancements in AI and the gradual adoption of robotic workers in grocery stores, factories, and other jobs does little to quell these anxieties.

Plus it’s almost guaranteed that improvements in these technologies will ramp up the range of services robots will be able to perform.

However, the use of sex dolls and sex robots in brothels raises a whole new host of concerns that goes deeper than unemployment. In an article discussing sex workers’ concerns about sex doll brothels, Uproxx contributor Alia Stearn perfectly sums up how this “new” industrial revolution of AI is more than jobs:

“The issue is particularly interesting because we’re witnessing the industrial revolution of a basic physiological drive. Whereas installing self-checkout eliminates some jobs, it doesn’t fundamentally impact the sexual relationship between humans, which is one of the potential pitfalls of this tech. Sex workers worry the dolls will encourage an unhealthy sexual mindset, warping a man’s ability to relate to living partners.” [iv]

A touchy subject

Sex Doll Brothels - Sex Doll In Bed Wearing Lingerie

We don’t know much about what goes on inside the head of a person who regularly uses sex dolls, so it is difficult to say what damage if any, happens to users.

The lack of literature about this subject isn’t from lack of trying. For years, psychologists and others who have wanted to study the effects of sex dolls on people, but several factors have deterred them, such as [v]:

  • population resistance
  • manufacturer resistance in disclosing sales information
  • language barriers
  • a lack of professional literature and methodological issues in studying human sexual behavior and in investigating marginalized populations
  • Censorship which limits access to material pertinent to the study of the modern sex doll-owner

As sex dolls become more common, it will be easier to study. However, it is likely to take many more years before ascertaining anything concrete.

A glorified fleshlight, or something more?

Sex Doll Brothels - Sex Doll In The Act
Source: | Photo by Christophe Bertolin/IP3/Getty Images

Understanding why people visit sex doll brothels is challenging and elicits more questions than answers. Do clients do it for companionship? Do they do it for the novelty? Are sex dolls just sophisticated, glorified fleshlights, or something more?

And about the brothels themselves, should authorities or the public be concerned?

When choosing between a human sex worker and a sex doll, why do some men want the doll?

Not every question has a definite answer, and we may never know for sure. For now, we can only speculate.


One possibility is price.

Sex dolls are often less expensive than their human counterparts. Prices vary from brothel to brothel, but at Dolly Parlour, the UK’s first sex doll brothel, it is £50 for a half hour or £130 for two hours. [vi]

In 2006, the average global price for an hour with a human sex worker was about $340. While that number has plummeted to $260, it is still much more expensive than the services offered at a sex doll brothel. [vii]

Even if men (or women) choose to purchase a sex doll rather than visit a brothel, it is still cheaper than dating. Plus, having a doll has the potential to turn the focus during a date from having sex to getting to know the other person better.

Safe spaces

Sex Doll Brothels - Sex Doll Closeup Of Hands
Source: | Greg Baker /AFP/Getty Images

Secondly, sex doll brothels offer a safe space for those who wish to “explore their sexuality without the emotional, physical, or potentially criminal ramifications that come from seeking similar services from an actual human.” [vii]

Additionally, according to Ontario-based sex doll brothel Aura Dolls’ website,

“Our vision is to bring you an exciting new way to achieve your needs without the many restrictions and limitations that a real partner may come with. We hope that way you can enjoy any fantasy or fetish you desire without judgment or shame.”

Sex, for all its complexities, is a basic human need, and some may have trouble meeting that. Mental or physical disabilities, performance anxiety, fear of rejection, or difficulty opening up to others could play a role. Sex doll brothels offer a way for people struggling with these things to fulfill their needs.

Sex Doll Brothels - Man And Woman In Bed

Benefits for couples?

Lastly, couples who wish to experiment sexually without infidelity can find that a sex doll brothel satisfies that curiosity.

In a press release for her work Robot Sex: Social and Ethical Implications, Marina Adshade, professor at the University of British Columbia, explains how sex dolls could benefit couples by taking the pressure off of partners to feel solely responsible for fulfilling each others’ needs, whether they are sexual or not.

Without the obligation of sexual compatibility, couples could focus on building up other qualities in themselves and each other. This shift in thinking would put greater focus on different aspects of the relationships outside of the bedroom.

“I predict their availability will give couples greater opportunity to define their own types of marriages. One example might be that more couples could choose ‘companionship marriages’ that do not involve sex, but focus solely on the creation of a family.” [iv]

It can be easy to criticize those who visit sex doll brothels, but it’s unfair to think that the clients who frequent them want to force violent or unhealthy fantasies on the dolls. Similarly, it’s wrong to place judgment on men who call upon human sex workers.

Drawbacks and consequences

Sex Doll Brothels - Man And Doll In Bed

For all the good things one can boast about sex doll brothels, it would be naive to brush aside the negative effects these places have, especially regarding the human psyche.

Perhaps the biggest concern is the lack of human intimacy when it comes to having sex with a love doll. Sex worker Alyssa from Sheri’s Ranch in Nevada said about sex and intimacy:

“When a client sees a human sex worker, he has a real, two-way experience with a woman that gives him feedback and enhances his ability to be intimate with other women in his current or future life. A man who becomes comfortable with a sex doll is alienating himself from healthy sexual experiences with real women and distancing himself from any possibility of a healthy sex life.” [x]

Sex workers also worry that sex dolls will condition men to want a more docile, submissive partner for which to act upon, rather than interact with. This coincides with a very real fear that sex dolls will train men to lose empathy and treat women like objects and act out violently against them. [xi]

Finally, others are apprehensive about the cleanliness of the dolls, which can lead to the spread of STIs.

During high-traffic days with lots of bookings, the teams responsible for cleaning and sanitizing both the doll and the bedroom may only have as little as an hour. And while condoms are offered and strongly encouraged at many sex doll brothels, there is no guarantee that customers will use them.

Many brothels spend a large part of their budget on a well-trained cleanup crew that ensures maximum cleanliness. [xii]

The land beyond good and evil

How To Last Longer - Kissing

Technology in sex doll development and AI will continue to grow. And whether we like it or not, sex robots are coming. It is very likely that sex dolls will become less of a novelty and more common as this happens.

(If you already own one, feel free to read How To Care For Your Sex Doll.)

Some people fear that sex dolls will increase isolation in an already lonely population. However, there are benefits to using a sex doll. These benefits just haven’t been backed by the research yet.

Besides being morally and culturally complicated, sex doll brothels are shrouded in gray areas. But ultimately, it’s the choice of those who visit them. Just as sex work with real humans persisted despite efforts to eradicate it, the same will happen with dolls.

Who knows what changes the future can bring? We can only imagine.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you think sex doll brothels are an alternative to hiring a human sex worker? Or will they do more harm than good?

Are dolls going to help us last longer, both in bed and as a species? There are so many new and deep questions we as a society must ask not only ourselves but each other.

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  1. rowdy_ryan says:

    Damn I couldn’t imagine putting my dick in a doll someone used before me… its not much different from women but at the same time that’s weird

  2. a-a-ron says:

    Nice, I think these would be cool especially for folks on the road who can’t afford a doll but want to try it out. The novelty is there, too. People will be interested for sure.

  3. l_potluck says:

    On one hand I feel for the prostitutes who may be out of work because of sex dolls, but it’s also a good way to lead to regulations on sex work that could provide protections for them. But also some women don’t mind being prostitutes, idk it’s so complicated right now.

  4. batman says:

    Sex doll brothels would help cut down on crime. by forcing pimps out of business. Which would leave me more time in the bedroom with my sex doll Tina and Robin. Batman can’t protect sex workers, they need the US government to do it by enacting regulations like any other commodity. If there’s one thing Batman has learned, it’s that people will do what they want whether its legal or illegal so you might as well make money off of it.

  5. jollygreengiant says:

    I would try a sex doll brothel if I didn’t have one… But I’m glad I ordered one so I don’t have to rely on those. Can’t wait for her to come in the mail!

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