Sex Doll Affiliate Program

15% commissions

Looking to become an Earth Erotic Affiliate Partner?

We offer the highest commission percentage in the industry, 15%. We believe that you, our affiliate are at the core of our business and hope you’ll join us to pass the word. 

Our affiliate partners earn a 15% commission for all sales generated by their referrals. An example commission: Our best selling petite sex addict doll Ella valued at $2,199 can make you $329 every time one of your referrals purchases her.  ($2,199 X 0.15 = $219)

Since we offer payment plans, our conversion rates are higher than other websites in the industry. Your payment is not associated with the payment plan terms. You get paid for your referral right away, even if the customer buys the doll over a period of 36 months

How does it work?
  1. REGISTER as an Earth Erotic Affiliate Partner.
  2. Place our Banner Ads (or make your own!) and add your affiliate URL on your website.
  3. When a user clicks through to and makes a purchase, you will automatically earn 10% of the sale.
  4. Log in to your Affiliate Partner Panel at any time to track clicks, conversions, and earnings.
  5. Promote our products!

When someone arrives on Earth Erotic from your affiliate link, we install a cookie on their machine that lasts 365 days. If they purchase any product during that period, you get a 10% cut. Read our Affiliate Terms here.

How to become an Affiliate Partner?

If you are not an affiliate but wish to become one, please APPLY HERE we’d love to have you on board.

Once approved we will send you banner ads and a personalized URL.  It’s important you use this URL so that we can trace the sales back to your account and pay your commissions.

How can I make more money by being an affiliate?

Here are a few tips to make money reselling sex dolls from Earth Erotic

  • Write a blog or link to ours
  • Post comments in a Forum using your affiliate link
  • Post comments on video websites like Pornhub, Youtube…

We recommend reading this article: Neil Patel on Affiliate Marketing. If you have the right product, you can make good passive income with affiliate marketing. Blogging

  • Every week, we publish blogs, which makes it easier for you to engage your leads.
  • Put links from your site to our blogs

Comments on forums and videos websites

Let people know about our payment plans when you read a comment by someone that can’t afford a doll but really wants one. Most of our customers use payment plans to pay for their products. We’ll give you a link from your affiliate account that redirects directly to our payment plan page. You can write about West Sex World, Literotica an even debate on our Forum as well as other forums out there, like the Doll Forum. We also do tutorials like How to Care for Your Doll and answers as many questions as we can on our FAQs page. The best way to make money is to educate yourself about the subject while at the same time leaving comments and a digital trace that gets you clicks back to Earth Erotic.

Why Sell Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls are good for your mental health. Read the Top 10 Benefits of Having a sex doll.

Sex dolls also increase stamina and can prevent premature ejaculation by working the pelvic muscles, allowing someone to last longer.

We believe that these sex dolls have many applications and are beneficial to society.

Will Sex Dolls Replace Women

The short answer is NO.

Lots of women and couples are actually purchasing these love dolls. Sex Dolls can spice up your bedroom and allow women AND men to explore their sexuality. Read the Best Sex Doll Guide 2018 and stay tuned for our upcoming 2020 models and extra products (We plan to add lots of lingeries, shoes, wedding dresses, pantiiiies…) Men can use them to train and explore their sexuality as well, before getting into real action with someone. Read the 16 female archetypes if you’d like to know more about women. We try to teach men about the beauty and complexity of women. Madison, our blog writer, is a woman. Feel free to read how it makes her feel to write about a sex doll company. She writes erotic stories that are meant to stimulate your libido. Read What Happened to Marie and Maya at the Barn for example. We also respect the size laws in this industry. Customs check packages and buyers can get in trouble if dolls are too small. So sell from EE with confidence. We wrote a blog on Amazon selling small sex dolls that look like children. Buy on Amazon at your own risk. Amazon has become a haven for products that don’t comply with standards. Visit our Sex Dolls Gallery and link back to it as well when you do marketing for your affiliate account.

Already a partner and got lost?

If you are an existing affiliate, please log in to access your control panel. Read our Affiliate Terms of Service.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions about reselling real sex dolls?

On the bottom right of this page, you should see a Chat icon. Leave a message. If no one is there, we’ll answer promptly, usually within a few hours.

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