My First Time With A Sex Android

My first time with a sex android

When the first sex android came around, no one thought much of it. Back then, those were for lonely men or bored wealthy people. But one day, the human collective woke up and realized those sex robots were everywhere.

There was conflict, yes. The feminists lost their minds, philosophers wrote books declaring our time as a species had come, and there were protests.

Of course, there were stories you’d hear on the news.

Politicians who touted the importance of family values got caught in a sex robot brothel. A woman discovered her husband in bed with another, shot them both, then realized after the fact that he was fucking a sex android.

It was a weird time.

My life consists of two parts: Before Androids and After Androids.

Like many, I didn’t understand these impossibly perfect machines. I was scared, sure. They were intimidating, but not in a way that made me think they’d do me harm. It was their sheer beauty that sent me reeling.

I think that’s why humans hated androids so much. Because they were on a plane of perfection that not even creatures made from the breath of God could reach. For many, it was unfair.

That all changed when I met Harvey.

It was a dark and stormy night, and I don’t say that to be cliche. It truly was, and I was pissed because of it.

The rain threatened localized flooding, and my scheduled dick appointment had canceled because of it.

So I slumped on the couch with a bottle of cherry vodka to keep me company while I watched infomercials. I was balls deep in a mobile game and didn’t care one way or another what was playing.

Then, my ears caught the sound of a woman moaning passionately on TV. My eyes glanced from my phone to the commercial, and I nearly burst out laughing.

The commercial was shot in the same glowing, mall-glamor-shot style of so many soap opera shows.

A blonde woman with gigantic, fluffy hair and a rack to match was on the screen. Her face was turned up to the sky, her eyes closed. Her lips were parted just wide enough to let out her exaggerated, breathy sighs.

Would you like this to be you?

An invisible narrator asked. I reached for my bottle and took a swig.

Sex Android - A Woman's Breasts

The camera panned out. The woman was standing in what I assumed was heaven, with wispy clouds curling around her body in foggy tendrils.

She caressed her body, slowly, making sure to stop over her generous breasts and give them a good shake.

I thought about turning the station, but I was bored, drunk, and now horny. I waited to see how this would play out. Media had gotten so racy since I was younger. I remembered when things were left to the imagination. But at this moment, I didn’t mind.

The camera zoomed out, and I saw what was happening to the woman. Right in front of her on his knees, licking her clit and clutching her ass was a man who looked like Jesus.

The omnipresent narrator’s voice spoke again. Do you want this to be you? It can be.

The camera zoomed onto the man’s face as he vigorously ate her pussy. The narrator kept speaking, but I could hear the woman’s moans become more enthusiastic as she came closer to cumming.

This can be you. A sex android for every guy…and every gal. Call today and find out about our new discounted rates.

The woman stopped touching herself and was grasping Sexy Jesus’s long hair with both hands, pushing his face closer into her.

They never tired, and they only want to please.

Your greatest pleasure is our greatest treasure.

I couldn’t stop watching. Her boobs swung from side to side as she practically humped Sexy Jesus’s face. Her face twisted into an expression I’d never seen in any porn before. Then, as she climaxed, her whole body shivered, twitched, and shook.

My phone was in my hand faster than you could say “orgasm.” Inhibitions tossed to the wind thanks in part to the liquor; I could barely type in the phone number on the TV.

The line rang a few times. I felt embarrassment creep up on me and almost hung up. But I didn’t have anything else to do, and I was the only one of my friends who hadn’t fucked a sex android yet.

Of course, a robot greeted me. “Hello, and thanks for calling Rent-A-Bot, your premier provider for luxury sex androids. Please listen carefully as our options may have changed.”

I listened until I heard what I wanted. “To rent one of our exclusive sex robots, please press 4.”


“All of our associates are currently helping other callers. Please wait on the line. Your estimated wait time is less than 2 minutes.”

I leaned back in the couch and took another small sip of vodka to swallow my discomfort. The music sounded like the same kind they would have played 50 years ago before the first sex android was produced.

Then, the music cut and a warm, male voice filled my ear. “Hello and thanks for holding, we appreciate your patience. This is Patrick, how can I help you?”

“Uhhh,” I stammered.

“I want to like…rent a robot?”

“Okay, sounds good. I’m just going to start by asking you a couple of short questions so I can pair you with the right sex android. These questions might seem invasive, but it’s so that we can correctly pair you with the right robot. We handle all of our clients’ sensitive information with the utmost security and privacy. Is that okay?”

“Uhm, yeah, sure. That’s fine.”

“Okay, great. So first off, when is the last time you have had sex?”

My cheeks flushed. “I don’t know…like, maybe a few months. Six?”

“Okay. And what would you rate your experience, sexually?”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Excuse me, I’m sorry. Do you consider yourself experienced in the bedroom?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “No.”

I could hear Patrick clicking away at his keyboard. I cleared my throat. “Look, man, I just saw the commercial on TV, and there was a sexy Jesus, and I just want that one. Is that okay?”

The sound of typing stopped. “The commercial with the blonde?”


“Okay…” His voice trailed off as he clicked his tongue, thinking. “Alright, we have that ready for you. I just need your billing information and address, and we’ll send Harvey over for you ASAP.”


“Yes, that’s the one.”

I didn’t expect Sexy Jesus to be named Harvey, but I guess I could work with it. I gave Patrick my info, and he left, but not before wishing me a great night.

It was a sex android, not a guy.

Sex Android - A Woman Standing In Front Of A Window

Meanwhile, I found myself back alone, with nothing to keep me company other than the infomercials. I wondered if I should get ready.

Surely it wouldn’t matter to the bot.

Despite that, I still peeled myself off the couch to touch up my makeup and make sure I didn’t need to do any extra landscaping. Maybe it was a habit, but I felt obligated to be at least a little presentable.

Half an hour later, there was a knock on the door that made me jump. I’d spent the whole time pacing my living room and doing crunches in a pathetic effort to get rid of some of my beer belly.

But now the moment was here; my sex android cherry was about to be popped. My hands shook when they reached for the doorknob.

I took a deep breath, exhaled. Realized I’d forgotten to swish with mouth wash or something.

The door opened, and Harvey stood before me, all six-foot-four of him. His hair was pulled back in a man bun, and his eyes were alive with a light that thoroughly caught me off guard.

“I’m Harvey.”

His voice was smooth, melodic.

He wore a white tee, straight-cut, dark wash jeans, and Chucks. He was my type, no doubt about that. I almost felt bad that someone so out of my league was about to have sex with me.

“Hi, Harvey. Come on in.” I moved aside so he could get out of the rain. Somehow, he was completely dry. I wondered if it was some sex android feature.

He stood in my living room, taking it in as a human would. I stood a little bit away from him. I felt obligated to respect his space.

The juxtaposition between my apartment (still stuck in the early 2000s) and this high-tech machine felt surreal.

“Can I get you anything? A drink, maybe?” I lifted the bottle of vodka to show him. But Harvey shook his head.

“No, thanks. I don’t need it.”

“Oh yeah.” Slowly, I set it back down. I don’t know if it would have helped if I took another drink or not.

Harvey continued to stand in the middle of the room, so I cleared my throat. “Well, we can like…watch a movie or something if you want.”

My nerves had squashed my previously racing libido. I didn’t know if I wanted to have sex with this guy–excuse me, machine. Although he was smoking hot, I couldn’t bring myself to initiate anything.

As if he sensed my discomfort, Harvey took my hand. “Show me your bedroom.”

His touch was warm, not cold like I’d expected. I knew in the early days, sex androids were often criticized for being cold and lifeless. But not anymore.

My heart fluttered.

A photo of a man and woman kissing passionately.

We stepped into my bedroom, where I fumbled through the darkness to flip on my small end table lamp. It cast a warm glow on the room as well as Harvey’s eyes.

I sat on the bed, and he said next to me. “This is really weird,” I told him. “Do you do this a lot?”

“I don’t like to talk about others. I just want to focus on you.” As he spoke, he lifted a hand to touch my cheek lightly. Next, he leaned in, eyes closed.

As we locked lips for the first time, for some reason, I only thought about his long, dark eyelashes.

Harvey kissed me again, this time using his tongue. His hands started feeling heavier, and he held me firmly in his arms.

We made out for an indefinite amount of time. I don’t know. Harvey’s kisses were turning me on, but something held me back.

“I’m not the woman on the commercial,” I blurted out.

He leaned back. “I know.”

“So…I don’t know.” Was I was about seriously about to cock block myself with embarrassment and insecurity?

Harvey reached behind his head and gently yanked his hair tie out, releasing his gorgeous, shiny hair. I couldn’t help but stare. I kept forgetting he was a sex android.

“Come on, you’re fine. Don’t be nervous. I’m here for you.” Next, he removed his shirt, revealing the same tan, fit body I’d seen on TV. It made me want to stay entirely clothed even more.

Harvey took my hands in his again, lifted them up to his lips for a soft kiss. They were soft and warm like the rest of him.

A part of me melted.


“Do you want me to do to you what I did to the woman in the commercial?” he asked.

“Oh, uhm, yeah. That’s cool.”

“Okay. Lay back and let me help you.”

So that’s what I did. Harvey crawled on top of me. I could feel his erection through his jeans, and I liked it. He kissed me on the mouth, then my neck, and lingered around my collar bone.

I took my shirt off and let him lick my nipples until they became cold and hard. His breath was getting heavier, and so was mine.

He worked his way down my torso, lingering right below my belly button where it tickled the most and then even further down. Harvey helped me out of my leggings and tossed my underwear aside.

And then I felt exactly what the woman in the commercial felt.

It felt like a vibrator, but when I lifted my head to see if he was using one, it was just him, eyes closed, licking my clit like it was the best thing he’d ever had.

But his tongue–it vibrated! It was the most incredible thing I’d felt in my entire life. As I gripped the sheets and tugged at his hair, I knew I was addicted.

I had told myself I wouldn’t say his name because I thought Harvey was dumb, but I was screaming it in less than a minute.

I wanted him to do all sorts of dirty things to me. His tongue had me thinking of a dozen things I’d never even dreamed of doing.

I wanted to be his little slut.

I’d do whatever it took for him to eat me out like this every day.

I came in less than three minutes. I was almost upset because I wanted it to last longer. But Harvey wasn’t done with me. He sat up, crawled next to me.

“Did you like that?”

Weakly, I nodded. My knees felt like air, and my body tingled all over.


“Will you indulge me?”


At last, he smiled and maneuvered himself onto his back. “Will you get on top of me?”

His smile was bewitching. I couldn’t deny him that, especially if his dick could do the same thing as his tongue. So I unbuttoned his pants and slid them off his body. His briefs quickly followed.

Unsurprisingly, Harvey’s cock was magnificent. It wasn’t obnoxiously large to look painful, but it wasn’t small by any means. His manscaping was immaculate. I couldn’t help but lean down to lick it.

I loved how it felt against my tongue, but I loved it, even more, when he groaned. So I wrapped my hand around the base and my mouth on his head. I sucked him off for a few minutes, then decided it was time for me to get on top.

“Does your dick vibrate, too?” I panted as I awkwardly threw one leg over his body.

“It does. Do you want that?”

“God, yes, please.”

I was so wet that I didn’t need any lube for him. He slid in, like a glove, perhaps even a dream. It was like my life was finally complete.

I went to work, and so did he. The vibration was gentle, almost teasing. Was he fucking with me? It made me want more.

My hips moved faster, and I started bouncing my ass to get an even better feel. Harvey’s hands were on my hips, moving me up and down. They traveled up to my tits, then onto my back to push me lower so he could press his face into them while I rode.

I was going to cum again; I was so close. “Faster, Harvey! Fuck me faster!”

So Harvey obliged. The vibration intensified, and I gasped. My headboard pounded the wall, the bed creaked. But I didn’t care.

I wanted a cock in my pussy, in my ass, and my mouth. I wanted this sex android to use and abuse me. I’d let Harvey tie me up and never let me out of bed if it meant a chance to get dicked down by him again.

Once again, my body was overcome by pleasure. Intense doesn’t come close to describing it.

Harvey’s vibrating cock dwindled in intensity but didn’t completely stop. It drew out the orgasm, letting it linger a few more seconds for my ultimate satisfaction.

I couldn’t immediately remove myself from his body. I needed just a few moments to collect myself.

“Wow,” was all I could say.


“Yes, I’ll say.” When I was finally able to get up, he sat up straight. “Did you like that?”

“Wow, yeah. It was great. I don’t think I’ll be able to have sex with a human ever again.”

Harvey smiled while he redressed. “Well, any time you get the feeling again, you know who to call.”

I realized he would not be staying the night. I scolded myself for being so silly. After all, he was a rentable sex android, not a human.

So I stayed in my room while he let himself out. The rain had settled, and it was quiet outside. As I rested my head on the pillow and waited to drift to sleep, I looked forward to the dreams I’d surely be having for a long time.

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