12 Realistic Sex Dolls That Will Make You Fall In Love

Bondage Doll - Tina Side View Angle Leaning On The Table While Showing Huge Butt - Earth Erotic

EE’s Most Realistic Sex Dolls 

Since Earth Erotic began, we’ve collected some of the most gorgeous, hottest, and of course, realistic sex dolls available.

If you’re thinking of buying a sex doll, make sure you say hello to all the girls. Then read their stories and get to know them a little better.

After all, they’re all dying to meet you! 😉

While it’s too soon to say who are our best sellers, we can say for sure who are currently the fan favorites.

Without further ado, here are some of the top lifelike sex dolls of 2019!

Tina: Your Slave QueenRealistic Sex Dolls - Tina Wearing A Bikini And Bondage Rope - Earth Erotiq

Tina is quite literally one of the most realistic sex dolls in the entire shop, and it’s not just because she weighs almost as much as a real woman.

Check out those sultry bedroom eyes!

And how about that lip pout?

Don’t you just want to unload on them? You know she’d take it with a smile.

One of our favorite things about Tina is her muscular body. She’s thicker than a milkshake from Dairy Queen but fit as fuck.

She’s definitely a favorite for customers and us. What do you think?

Elyon: Queen of Naraia

Ezlyn Doll - Sex Dolls - Earth Erotic

Elyon, the doll who started it all.

She was the first sex doll to sell when Earth Erotic began and the inspiration for the fantastical world of Naraia.

Elyon has a special place in our hearts and other spots, too. 😉

We can’t get enough of her cute bubble butt and perky boobs. Her face is youthful, exuberant, and flirtatious, which is precisely what we like.

She looks fantastic in any hairstyle, too. Make sure you check out her profile and get a look at her signature gray/purple wig!

Aisling: Sultry Redhead

Red Hair Sex Doll - Aisling Looking Over At You - Earth Erotic

A redhead by any other name would be just as sweet, but not as much as Aisling.

See that curve in her back? Wouldn’t you like to have that arching into you?

Which would you want to hold more? That deliciously round ass or her C-cup tits?

She’s a little saucy, but nothing over-the-top or off-putting. She knows just what guys and gals both enjoy and will do whatever she can to give you a night to remember.

Dominika: Red Sparrow

Real Life Sex Doll - Sex Dolls - Christy - Earth Erotic

Dominika is Aisling’s grown-up, dominatrix counterpart.

She’s 100% woman, comfortable in her sexuality, and ready to get hers while she’s giving yours.

Be careful; she may give you a run for your money. After all, she’s called Red Sparrow for a reason!

Warm yourself up with an ultra-hot titty fuck using her big boobs. She might be made out of TPE, but it’ll feel like you’re fucking a silicone sex doll.

Lucy Doll: Dirty Virgin

Lucy Doll - Kneeling On The Bed Half Naked - Earth Erotic

Lucy got her namesake from the porn star, and she hopes that one day, she’ll live up to her idol’s reputation.

Our favorite thing about her is her flat tummy. It’s the perfect runway for deciding if you’d rather reach for her perky breasts or tight, young pussy.

Her face has all the spirit of youth, and just the right amount of attitude to make you want to put her in her place.

Try using sex toys with her for an extra-hot experience with this realistic sex doll.

Ashley: Playful Tease

Sexdoll - Ashley Kneeling In Bed Touching Her Pussy - Earth Erotic

Ashley is one of the most naturally beautiful and realistic sex dolls at Earth Erotic.

She’s got serious girl-next-door vibes, but with a dash of spice to keep things interesting.

Her angelic face is second only to the perfect proportions of her body. Her perfect tits flawlessly compliment her big butt!

Are you imagining your hands cupping them instead of hers? You better!

Sybil: Sex Princess

Anime Sex Doll - horny Sibyl - Earth Erotic

Sybil is out of this world hot, in case you didn’t already notice.

One reason why she’s one of the most popular realistic sex dolls is her RBF. Folks can’t get enough of her intensity.

With a face like that, you know that she’s a fiend in the bedroom.

And besides, her stunning body will keep you plenty of distracted.

Melany: Horny Blonde Teen

Blonde Sex Doll - Melany Featured Photo - Earth Erotic Sex Dolls

Don’t let the innocent face fool you; Melany is anything but that.

If you couldn’t tell, she’s really into role-playing. Can you guess what her favorite fantasy is? 😉

For those of you who like their realistic sex dolls bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, this is the gal for you.

She’s a hit with customers, and we can definitely see why.

Mia: Sex Kitten

Big Boobs - Mia Laying On Her Back - Earth Erotic

It could be the choker, but Mia is, without a doubt, one of the sexiest realistic sex dolls.

Have you read her story yet? Wowza!

A couple of thrusts from you will have this kitten purring in no time at all.

She’s got huge boobs and a face that could launch a thousand ships.

There’s no doubt about it. Mia is the complete package!

Eimhea: Alien Slut

Alien Sex Doll - Eimhea Side View - Earth Erotic

Eimhea came to Earth in hot pursuit of intelligent strange. She doesn’t care if it’s from guys or gals, either.

We love her gentle, serene expression. It’s very reassuring knowing that she cums in peace.

Whether you’re a boobs or an ass man, Eimhea has the proportions to satisfy what you’re craving.

Realistic sex dolls like her will help you become a better lover. After all, practice makes perfect, right?

Alicia: Thai-Trained Slut

Thai Sex Doll - Alicia Sitting On A Couch WIth Her Hand Up - Earth Erotic

Alicia was one of Earth Erotic’s first Asian sex dolls and remains a favorite for many.

Recently, we discovered Alicia is excellent for experimenting with various customizations. A recent order requested a darker skin tone, and the result was astonishing.

But honestly, would you expect anything less from Alicia?

She has some of the most lovely eyes for a realistic sex doll, and her tits are even more delightful.

Don’t you just want to spend a rainy day in bed scrolling on your phone with her next to you?

Bibi: Exotic SeductressHead - Bibi Posing - Earth Erotic

Bibi is one of the newest life size sex dolls, so she hasn’t had much time to meet many people.

But we know that soon, she’ll have her time to shine.

She’s quickly becoming one of the most-viewed realistic sex dolls in the shop, and we can’t wait to see her get the love she deserves.

What makes Bibi so unique is her smile. She just looks so damn coy, doesn’t she?

She’s sure to bring nothing but good times, so make sure you give her some attention and say hello before you leave!

Realistic Sex Dolls and More From Earth Erotic

Earth Erotic is proud to sell luxury TPE sex dolls for any taste. From super realistic and life like sex dolls to anime ones, we have what you want.

If you think these ladies are out of this world, just you wait until the newest additions arrive in the Shop.

You won’t believe what you see!

Of course, shipping is always free and discreet. Plus, payment plans make buying realistic sex dolls easier and faster than you ever thought possible.

Did your favorite make the cut? If not, let us know in the comments or stop by the Forum and let us know who should have made it!

Also, we now offer custom sex dolls. Visit the custom sex doll page to learn more about it!

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