Aisling And Syble Have Morning Sex For The First Time

Anime Sex Doll -Sibyl Lying On Bed Naked Closeup - Earth Erotic

Morning Sex

Red Hair Sex Doll - Aisling's Boobs and Ass - Earth Erotic
Aisling: Sultry Redhead Sex Doll

“Hey…wake up…”

A pair of soft hands brushed against Aisling’s skin, and an even softer voice urged, “it’s time to get up sleepy head.” At first, Aisling was annoyed at being woken up, but she knew what was meant behind those words, and her heart fluttered. I’m horny, and I want morning sex. After that, she was not so annoyed.

The whisper tickled her ear, and the hands brushed a loose lock of flaming red hair away from her angular face.

Aisling frowned, grunted her displeasure and covered her face with the sheets.

Aisling was a human, born in Scotland, though she could have been a picture from a fairy tale. She had flaming red hair and green eyes that reached deeper than any well.

She opened one eye and sleepily peeked through her long eyelashes. A pale, porcelain form with a halo of straight golden hair hovered just inches from her face.

Slowly, a shy smile spread across Aisling’s face, and she stretched lazily under the white sheets. “Sybil, what’re you doing?” Even though she knew full well that a round of hot early morning sex was what her friend craved.

Sybil, the princess of the Silky Woods, a magical place in the planet Naraia. And Aisling’s best friend.

Sybil was absolutely bewitching. Aisling noticed the way Sybil’s blue eyes drifted over her body, as if using X-ray vision to see under the sheets that covered her milky white skin.

The Naraian princess leaned in closer, and as Aisling’s sharp green eyes started to focus, she could see that she was also smiling. “I’m here to get you out of bed, duh.”

Anime Sex Doll -Sibyl Lying in bed - Earth Erotic
Sybil – Princess of Silky Woods

“I don’t wanna. I’m tired.”

The redhead sex doll rolled on her side and squeezed her eyelids shut. But Sybil would have none of it.

She put on her most commanding princess voice and said, “I want breakfast. Come on.”

“Breakfast, huh? Not something else?” Aisling’s lips curled into a teasing smile.

“Nope, just some breakfast.”

At this, Aisling quickly cast the sheet aside. The air in the bedroom was cold, and it prickled her skin and made her hair stand on end. Her nipples became hard. “I have some breakfast for you right here,” she cooed.

Sybil laughed. One long finger brushed over her left breast and traced lazy circles around her areola. “Do you now? I thought you were too tired for morning sex.”

Aisling shrugged and moved onto her back. Then she spread her legs apart and slowly ran the princess’s hand from her breasts to the top of her mound. She felt herself already getting turned on.

Sybil felt the switch in her friend as well, and her insides tingled in anticipation.

Red Hair Sex Doll - Aisling Sitting On The Back Of A Couch - Earth Erotic“Give me a reason to get up.”

Aisling murmered while she continued indulging her fantasy.

So, Sybil, on all fours, leaned forward some more to give Aisling a full kiss on the mouth. The redheaded doll welcomed the warm embrace and beckoned her eagerly. Sybil moaned.

“I haven’t even done anything,” Aisling teased.

“You’re just so hot. You’re irresistible.” Sybil’s kisses grew smaller, and she worked her way down Aisling’s body, making sure to give her ample tits plenty of attention.

With her right hand, she cupped her friend’s breast, relishing how full it felt, then pressed her mouth against her nipple. As Aisling’s voice breathlessly urged her on, the tingling inside the princess’s belly turned into a deluge in her lace panties.

Then, Sybil moved down, her lips brushing over her friend’s toned tummy, to her belly button, and down to Aisling’s pussy lips, which she spread with delicate fingers and licked.

“So sweet…” she complimented in between kisses.

The two dolls loved morning sex above all else. It seemed like they were both always the most turned on when they woke up. Aisling couldn’t be mad about being woken up when it meant Sybil eating her pussy like the finest desert.

At this moment, Aisling’s breathlessness turned into low, deep moans. Her stomach heaved up and down with each heavy breath. “Sybil…”

“Yeah, baby?”


Anime Sex Doll - Sibyl Pink nipples - Earth Erotic

“Oh…oh! Don’t stop, please don’t stop!”

Aisling gripped a couple of locks of Sybil’s flax hair. Sybil loved it; she could sense the immense pleasure her friend felt and couldn’t get enough of it.

Sybil buried her face deeper between Aisling’s legs and used her Naraian knowledge on Aisling. Subsequently, the redheaded doll’s knees reflexively raised around the blonde doll’s head as she felt her body tighten with her impending orgasm.

But Sybil being Sybil, wasn’t ready to satisfy Aisling just yet. Suddenly, she pulled her tongue away and kissed Aisling’s thighs, her knees. She straightened her body and sucked on her dainty toes. “I can’t imagine having morning sex with anyone else,” she cooed.

Finally, Sybil slid her lace panties down her long, creamy legs and cast them off the bed. She climbed on top of Aisling, so they were clit against clit.

Then she took her friends wrists in her hands and pinned them tightly against the bed, next to her head. Green eyes flashing in ecstasy, Aisling was ready for whatever Sybil had planned for her.

Her back arched, she rocked her hips in welcome anticipation and felt her body losing control. Feeling Sybil’s wetness against her own set her on fire with desire.

“You wanna cum, baby?” Sybil whispered. Aisling, who could barely speak, nodded enthusiastically. So Sybil began her magic, sliding deep against the hot, tight body underneath hers. Meanwhile, she maintained eye contact with her ethereal baby blues.

Aisling’s cheeks were flush, her groans growing louder and louder.

Anime Sex Doll -Sibyl Dog Style - Earth Erotic“Fuck me please! Give it to me Sybil!”

Sybil let go of one of Aisling’s wrists and gave her a light slap on the cheek. “Are you a good doll? Or are you my slut?”

“I’m–I’m your fucking slu-ut–” Suddenly, Aisling’s voice caught in her throat and hermuscless tightened involuntarily clenched while she came. Sybil felt Aisling’s pelvic muscles tense and release under hers, and this was when Sybil felt herself about to feel the same magic.

So Aisling sat up and buried her face between Sybil’s perky, bouncy breasts. Then her lips made contact with her nipples and she sucked hard, even biting a little. Next, her hands spread Sybil’s plump ass cheeks and stuck her pinky in the welcoming hole.

Sybil’s eyes were all but rolling in the back of her head as she vigorously rubbed against Aisling’s pussy. “Your turn now,” Aisling whispered.

Soon, the princess tossed her head back and moaned as a wave crashed over her body. It was so intense, so ecstatic, that it took her a moment to compose herself. Certainly, she’d never came so hard before. After that, she felt her body instantly relax and melt into Aisling’s.

Aisling kissed Sybil on the lips, this time, much softer and gentler. Then she slowly removed her finger from her ass and watched her friend collapse on the pile of sheets.

“No, no,” Aisling laughed, playfully pushing Sybil. “It’s time to get up, remember?” But Sybil was already burrowing under the sheets.

Panting, Sybil sighed contentedly as she closed her eyes. “I think I just had the best breakfast, let’s just stay in bed all day.”

So Aisling curled her body around the blonde doll’s and buried her face in her hair. “I love morning sex,” she softly said.

“Me too. If you’re a good girl, maybe I’ll give you seconds.”

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