This Is How Male Sex Dolls Benefit Women

A Man’s World

Since the beginning, sex dolls have been for men. But that changed in 2009 when a German company created the first male sex doll, Nax.

Luckily, in the decade since Nax’s debut, male sex dolls have become much easier on the eyes.

Male sex dolls today are made with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship as their female counterparts.

Just check out Leo, and you’ll see what I mean. Looking at him makes poor Nax a laughable contraption of the past.

But why the need for male sex dolls in the first place?

There are several reasons why a woman would want to buy a male love doll. Believe it or not, men aren’t the only ones who need training when it comes to sex.

While a man may buy a female sex doll to exercise lasting longer, a female may purchase a male doll to teach herself how to stimulate her G-spot and learn how to have an orgasm through vaginal sex.

Secondly, a male sex doll, just like a female one, can be used in the bedroom as an introduction to threesomes and swinging.

And, lastly, male love dolls are a sexy, life-sized toy that women can have fun with and use as part of a healthy sex life.

BF Sex Doll Article - Cringe CityThe Gift of Orgasm

The first reason why a woman would want to buy a male sex doll, as I mentioned before, is training.

Maybe you’ve heard this statistic (or some variation of it), but 50-70 percent of women are unable to have an orgasm through vaginal sex.

The majority of women reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation.

With the right amount of touch and cunnilingus or a combination of those two things with penetration, a woman can climax with little difficulty.

So what good is a love doll if it can’t go down on a woman or move his fingers on his own to stimulate her clitoris?

Well, for many women, stress and anxiety are significant factors that prevent them from thoroughly relaxing during intercourse.

These feelings are a significant reason why so many women have trouble cumming. Additionally, some women have never experienced an orgasm through G-spot stimulation.

So they may not have any idea what to tell their partner during sex.

Having a male sex doll would give a woman a chance to relax and shed her insecurities entirely. A male doll gives a woman all the time she needs to figure out what feels best for her.

This includes which positions turn her on the most, speed, and roughness of penetration.

Ditching the worry of having a partner who will inevitably climax before her is an excellent opportunity for a woman to take the time to learn what works for her body.

And when she does have sex with a real partner again, this newfound knowledge may empower her to let go of her worries and fully engage in a sexual experience.

Three’s Company

Just as with female sex dolls, male dolls are useful tools for getting creative in the bedroom.

They are useful for roleplay, extra spicy foreplay, or even getting a feel for having a third partner.

The idea of a threesome may appeal to lots of couples.

However, others may be apprehensive about following through due to insecurities, jealousy, or a myriad of other feelings.

It’s a reasonable concern, as it can be a difficult decision to make. Not every relationship can handle having a third join in the bedroom.

A male sex doll can help with that. It has no feelings, no desires of its own, and poses no threat to either partner. This makes it the ideal way for couples to get a feel for how ready they are to engage in threesomes in the real world.

And the couple may find out they’re perfectly content going as far as having a doll.

A male love doll could be the difference between a couple moving forward with their fantasies or ending the relationship because of complications stemming from a threesome.

Male Sex Doll - Leo's Torso And Tugging On His Underwear - Earth Erotic“Easier than a Tindr date.”

Lastly, a male sex doll lets a woman enjoy sex in a new way.

Male sex dolls are a fun and exciting toy that branches out beyond run-of-the-mill sex toys.

In the first episode of Vice’s series Slutever, Karley Sciortino explored a small part of the world of male sex dolls, from the plant they’re built at to the woman named Jessica Ryan who bought one for herself.

Ryan, a porn actress, explained the complications behind maintaining a long-distance relationship and having fuck buddies on the side.

(And the problems didn’t come from her S.O.)

Attraction and attachment made it challenging to sustain a purely sexual relationship with casual partners. That’s when Ryan decided the answer to her problems was a male sex doll.

Male sex dolls give women like Ryan the chance to explore different aspects of sex or new fetishes that a regular vibrator and dildo can’t.

Additionally, some women who have a hectic work schedule may not have time to date. Male sex dolls make having a healthy sex life manageable even with a chaotic work/life balance.

A woman may want to have sex but not want to invest much time in the lead up to intercourse. And, again, it can involve emotions that can create a complicated, one-sided situation.

Owning a sex doll gives women the power and freedom to have sex whenever they want, without having to meet with strangers for a rendezvous.

To Conclude

Men aren’t the only ones that buy sex dolls, and the market for male sex dolls increases as more women show interest in buying one.

Male dolls are leagues ahead of dear Nax, and look as good as female love dolls.

Maybe technology will bring a male doll who can use more than his dick to pleasure a woman.

Of course, there are probably other reasons why ladies may want a male doll. So, if you think of something, be sure to leave a comment below!

Ever wondered if a sex doll costs more than dating? Or what about how your diet affects your sex life? For these answers and more, check out our Blog!

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13 thoughts on “This Is How Male Sex Dolls Benefit Women

  1. l_potluck says:

    Yessss exactly this! I bought Leo as soon as I had a chance and it has changed the way I feel about sex. Like I always liked it but it felt kind of like it was more for the guy than for me, but having something to use as a teaching tool for myself is really helpful. And it helps me not feel so horny all the time so when I do go on a date I can separate my need to get laid from the actual person lol

  2. batman says:

    Hmmm interesting, I’d like to be the one to help those ladies out so they don’t have to use a doll. Seems like it would be a lot easier for a girl to get laid than a man. She could take her time all she wants with me.

  3. jollygreengiant says:

    Women have needs too. It makes sense that a woman would want a male doll but he still can’t do everything a real man does.

  4. mikenike says:

    I’ve always wondered this myself. Especially since guy sex dolls can’t perform oral sex, I wonder if it is still as worth it for women to get one. Still better than nothing but I’m wondering how the tech on that would work.

  5. Princess Paula says:

    I bought Leo and it’s definitely helped with my confidence in sex. I love being able to have sex whenever I want and it’s good to mix it up with my toys, too.

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