Love Dolls Affiliate Questions and Answers

Before deciding to advertise our affiliate program on your website, you may have questions.

1. Do you dropship?

Yes, but only from reputable manufacturers that make high-quality dolls.
We choose to only drop ship from brands that meet our quality standards:
We are in the process of onboarding other manufacturers. 
Our added value as a certified reseller is offering better prices, communication, and protection for our customers and affiliates. 

2. Do you have dolls in stock and available for immediate shipping?

We do not hold stock or have anything available or immediate shipping at this moment.
Instead, we keep our inventory up-to-date with new models that may only have photos from the manufacturer. Our preference is to sell dolls with beautiful photos only.

3. Which doll brands do you carry?

  • Piper Doll
  • DollHouse168
  • DollForever
  • WM Doll

4. Are all your dolls legitimate, or do you also sell counterfeit models?

We are aware that the online sex doll market has not always had a good reputation.
As a result, we go above and beyond to guarantee that our dolls are 100% brand certified.
We have a direct relationship with our manufacturers, many of whom we met during our visit to the 2019 China Adult Expo in Shanghai.

5. Do all your dolls have Authenticity Certificates?

WM Doll - Certificate of Authenticity - Earth ErotiqWM Dolls are certified. When you purchase a WM doll from us, you will receive the WM doll tag, which you can register online.
WM Dolls are the most likely to be copied by manufactures that make low-quality, cheap imitations. This is why all WM Doll photos contain a large watermark.
Piper Doll, DollHouse168, and DollForever all have unique designs, and the dolls look exactly like the photos. Manufacturers are not able to duplicate these brands.
Read here to learn more about the WM Doll certificate of authenticity.

6. Has anyone from your company ever visited the factory in China? to give first-hand experience on the dolls, and the process?

Yes, we went to China in 2019 to meet our manufacturing partners.
Before completing the manufacturer onboarding, we received the doll models to test the shipping experience.

7.  Do you sell dolls from the JYs factory?

Not yet, but we are aware of them.
It takes time to onboard a manufacturer, and we are currently in the process of organizing and keeping up with current ones. 

8. What material is the doll skeleton?

All dolls have a cast-iron skeleton and EVO options from Piper Brand.

9. Are your dolls TPE, Silicon, or a combination of both?

All dolls are made from TPE.
We have a few silicone heads from WM Dolls that we will place soon.

10. Do you offer a heating system option?

Yes, offer WM Doll heating systems exclusively. These dolls have a video to demonstrate it. Under options, little video icon.

11. Are the breasts on the dolls filled or hollow?

Both options are available.

12. Do you only sell original brands?

Yes, only originals.

13. Are all your reviews legitimate, or are they false, or paid for?

Our reviews are from real customers.
As you can see, we don’t have that many, so we are asking customers who have previously purchased from us to leave feedback so we can improve the customer experience for everyone.

14. Do you sell dolls that resemble children?

Absolutely not. We have a strict size policy in place. All dolls start at 150cm.
The only exception is Sayuri, which is 140cm.