This Is What Happened To Life Size Dolls Maya And Maria

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Life Size Dolls in a Barn

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What happens if you put two life size dolls teen in a barn and close the doors…

Some of you might have already read the story of life size dolls Maya and Marie.

If you haven’t, take a moment to read their story here:

Maya is a Swedish teen sex doll princess, and Marie is a real sex doll from France.

To do a quick recap, these two teens met once in France, in a barn, on a hot summer day.

Maya was on vacation with her parents and Marie had grown up in the village, in a solitary world made of fantasies and lots of fingering in the hay.

The summer day Marie met Maya, everything changed

Marie had seen Maya before, but only from a distance.

Maya was visiting the region with her parents and was new to the farm.

Marie had heard from the villagers that a sexy teen sex doll traveler from Sweden had come for vacation.

And that news alone had made her pussy throb.

So when she saw Maya in the barn for the first time, she had already developed some crazy fantasies about the other sex doll in her mind.

We’re talking two weeks of masturbation between the time she heard about her and the time she met her in the barn.

Enough orgasmic teen liquid to fill up a whole bucket

Now, up close, Marie could hardly handle the sight of Maya’s beauty.

A sunbeam shone from a crack in the barn’s ceiling and cast itself on Maya’s white-gold hair, giving her an ethereal halo.

Marie truly felt she was in the presence of an angel, but the last thing she wanted to do was stay in the good grace of heaven.

From her spot in the warm hay, Marie touched herself more, stroking her wet pussy until the drip became a deluge.

She knew Maya could see her and didn’t care that she could be caught in the act.

Teen Sex Doll - Swedish Teen Princess - Earth EroticShe wanted Maya’s face right on her pussy

Marie’s father was renting horses to tourists and Maya and her parents were one of the families that rented them for the day.

The horse was walking almost as if he was conscious of Maya’s beauty, with his big cock dangling between his legs.

Which turned Marie on even more.

Marie was watching Maya’s every movement.

Maya stood away from her horse, leaning heavily against the frame of the barn door.

As she led the horse in, she noticed the horse’s huge cock.

She jumped when she heard her father’s voice coming from the entrance of the bard.

“Maya,” he said in Swedish. We’re going back to the house. See you there. Careful with the horse.”

“Yes Daddy’, she answered with her innocent voice, devouring the horse’s huge cock with her eyes.

Real Sex Doll - Sex Dolls - Sabrina - Earth EroticA teen sex doll like her from the city had never seen anything like this before.

Maya looked around briefly, almost guilty of some naughty thoughts, her hand already pulling down her panties…

But up there, behind the bars and the hay, she stopped when she saw Marie’s face staring at her.

She jumped, feeling guilty and pleasantly surprised, also struck by Marie’s jet-black hair and seductive, smoldering gaze.

She felt a tingle in her stomach and between her long legs.

Strangely though, as if by permission of Marie’s horny gaze, her hand kept reaching… under the waistband of her tight riding pants…

Teen Sex Doll - Swedish Teen Princess - Earth EroticAnd she started to stroke herself slowly

She started to stroke herself, all the while maintaining eye contact with Maya, the sex doll in front of her.

She had seen Marie before, but only from far away and never had spoken to her.

Now, she wished she had met her sooner.

” Viens ici ” (Come here), Marie ordered in French.

“I never thought you’d ask,” Maya breathlessly said to herself in Swedish.

She had learned French at school and that day she was glad she’d paid attention in class.

She slowly approached the hay pile and slowly sat next to Marie.

“What’s your name?” Marie asked, trying to sound casual but failing miserably. “You’re Maya, right?”

“Yes.” The Swedish doll felt a warm drip on her leg.

Real Sex Doll - French Doll - Sabrina - Earth EroticThe barn was heating up a bit

Her arousal was about to overtake her, make her unable to concentrate on anything but Marie’s soft lips and ample breasts that needed to be groped then and there.

Marie saw Maya’s eyes flicking down to her breasts, which peered teasingly from her low-cut blouse.

Since it was a warm day, she chose to wear something thinner, and her nipples poked temptingly under the fabric.

She was happy she’d made this wardrobe choice today.

“Maya,” Marie said, “have you ever been with another sex doll?”

Nervously, Maya giggled. “No, not one. What about you?”

Marie gave her a knowing smile. “I have. It’s my preference. Would you let me have the honor of being your first?”

Even as she spoke, Marie was tracing her finger over Maya’s nipples, feeling them poking through her top. It made her feel wild inside.

She could barely take another second of waiting.

“I would love it,” Maya cooed.

Her words were barely out of her mouth before Marie was on top of her, straddling her and kissing her as she’d never kissed anyone before.

Low, soft moans of pleasure escaped Maya’s lips.

She loved how it felt for this experienced doll to kiss her, to touch her tight young body and make her feel like the sexiest doll in the world.

Marie’s hands pressed into Maya’s breasts, squeezed them and relished the feeling of their softness in her hands.

Maya slowly let her fingers drop to Marie’s belly button, toying with the buttons on her pants.

Her hand slipped down and she could feel the softness of her pussy.

It thrilled her to know that she could do this to another sex doll.


Is there a French god of sex? Yes, there is…

Clit on clit sex dolls in a barn“Oh my god,” Marie groaned when Maya’s small, delicate hands began squeezing her clit.

“Oh my god, I love that. Please keep going.”

She laughed.

“Are you sure you’ve never been with another doll before?”

Maya used her free hand to grab a handful of Marie’s hair and pull her in close for a long kiss.

Their tongues touched, and Marie bit Maya’s bottom lip gently. When they broke away to gasp for air, Maya assured her she was her first.

Marie began to undress herself, and then to undress Maya.

Marie took in the Swedish doll’s body, admiring how tight it was.

“I am so lucky,” she whispered out loud. Maya blushed.

Marie lowered herself so she could suck on Maya’s nipples.

She licked and kissed while she started rocking back and forth, clit on clit.

“Do you wanna cum, baby girl?” she breathed in Maya’s ear.

“I sure want to.”

La Belle - French Doll - Earth EroticMaya’s back arched.

She had never wanted anything else so much. “Fuck me, Marie.”

Maya moved her hips so as they humped each other, their rhythm synced together.

Maya tried to keep her voice low because she feared someone would hear them, but as Marie’s movements became deeper and faster, she could no longer hold back her cries of pleasure.

Marie felt like this was going to be her strongest orgasm ever.

As her hips rocked at a furious pace, she sat up and reached her hand out to gently press on Maya’s throat.

Maya lifted her head so she could lick Marie’s fingers.

She could taste her pussy from when she was playing by herself earlier.

She greedily sucked the residual taste of her own pussy from Marie’s fingertips.

Teen Sex Doll - Swedish Teen Princess - Earth EroticIt made things so much hotter.

“Marie–oh, oh!” Maya gasped as the impending wave finally crashed over her.

Her larger than life doll eyes widened even more.

“I’m cumming too,” the French doll cried, her breath coming out in short, shaky gasps.

She collapsed on top of Maya.

Both dolls heaved as they recovered from their unexpected tryst.

Maya wrapped her arms and legs around Marie.

They could feel the warm tickle of their wetness trailing down their legs into the hay.

Marie gave the doll a final kiss.

“I want to do that again,” Maya giggled. “Not right now, but soon.”

“Oh, we will,” Marie winked.

“I think you and I are going to be very, very good friends from now on.”

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