My First Time Jilling In The Shower

That Time I Took A Break From Jilling 

Have you ever heard of jilling? What about jilling off?

Jilling - Woman In Lingerie In Bed

Well, it’s like jacking off, but for girls. It’s the new slang for female masturbation.

Clever, right?

Well, you could say I’ve done it a few times. You know, maybe once or twice. 😉

I’ve tried my hands, of course. Vibrators, pillows, you name it.

So, you might not believe me when I tell you this, but I’ve never jilled off with a showerhead before.

I know, I know. I’m 23 years old, and I’ve never done it. Crazy, right?

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve tried–multiple times. But it just didn’t work for me. 

Maybe the water pressure was too intense, or the temperature wasn’t comfortable. At any rate, it’s just never worked out for me.

Believe me, I wanted to know what it was like. I watch my fair share of porn, and real jilling videos are my go-to.

I’d watch a woman get off with her detachable showerhead and tell myself the next time I was in the bath, I’d do the same thing.

It always looked like it felt so good. And the moans that came out of her mouth–oh, god!

Those never failed to flip a switch inside my body and get my pussy wet like I was already in the shower.

But then, inevitably, when the time came for me to take a shower, I’d look up at that shiny metal faucet, and something inside me would say, “not today.”

So that’s how it went.

But, after a while, jilling off starting to get boring. Was masturbating too much? But I only did it a couple of times a day, nothing excessive by any means.

I took a jilling break for a week, just to give my clit a break.

That ended up being one of the longest seven days of my life.

I’m not going to lie, that week made me really glad that I didn’t have a dick. I have no idea how I would have gotten away with my revved up libido.

Maybe it was because I denied my body the pleasure it was used to getting, but I felt hornier than I’d been in months. 


At work, I had to resist sneaking off to the bathroom to relieve the pressure I felt building in my groin. 

It was all I could do at home to not give in to temptation. 

When I accidentally bumped my groin against the island in my kitchen, it took all my self-control to not keep pressing my crotch against the cold, hard, smooth counter.

At night, I could barely sleep.

All I wanted to do was grind on my body pillow and feel my soft pussy lips against the equally soft fabric.

When I finally did fall asleep, I had the most vivid, wettest dreams of my life. I dreamt I was in a threesome with two brunettes.

These ladies came to me (no pun intended) almost every night during my jill-off break. And in my dreams, I came for them on command. 

To be honest, I might have fallen in love with them.

One night, one of them held me on my back and gave my nipples more attention than they’d ever received. 

At the same time, the other woman slowly kissed and licked my thighs. Her fingers crept between my legs and spread them. 

Then, her soft, skilled tongue was wrapped around my clit until it sang.

On one of the last nights of my self-imposed jilling break, the duo had something special in store for the three of us.

They had a purple silicone strap-on. The alpha wore it and told the other woman to lay on her back. 

The woman did and playfully told me to sit on her face. I eagerly complied.

Then, across from me, the alpha slid the vibrating strap-on into her partner’s pussy. I heard her moan from under me. 

I leaned forward to give my friend a better angle for hitting my clit, and so I could get my face closer to the alpha’s tits. 

She wanted to bury my face in them, I could tell. I was practically drooling at the thought of it. 

They were so big and so close to my face! I could practically feel their warmth while they swung and bounced with every thrust she made with her hips.

But, my alarm, the biggest cock block of them all, went off, and I was torn away from those gigantic titties.

I had a day left, but after that dream, it was game over for me.

So, down my hand went in my panties. 

But right before I was about to get down to business, I stopped myself. I just made it six days without jilling. This called for something special.

I peeled myself out of bed, throwing my legs over the edge and immediately recoiling when my feet hit the cold floor. 

It was just a bigger incentive for me to haul ass to the bathroom so I could get in that hot shower faster. 

I was so excited; I started tossing my clothes aside on my way across my apartment. First, my oversized and very unsexy shirt. Then my slightly sexier lace black briefs.

When I got to the bathroom, the pulsing between my legs was a full-on throbbing. And it had to be obeyed. 

I flipped the handle, cranking it as hot as the water would go (my landlord didn’t let the temperature get hotter than steamy, unfortunately). 

Taking the showerhead down, I adjusted the spray until it was a steady jet stream.

Usually, the pressure was too intense for me. But I was so damn horny! That pressure was the only thing that would satiate the attention my libido demanded. 

When the water splashed against me, a pleasure so deep shot through my body that it made my knees buckle.

Jilling - Shower Pic


I didn’t mean to moan so reflexively, but I did. For a moment, I took the faucet away, just to give myself a chance to recover from that initial burst. 

It felt so good, and I honestly couldn’t tell if I’d just made myself cum in a matter of seconds or not. 

But there was only one way to find out. 

So I held the shower head between my legs, moving it side to side just so. More moans and gasps slipped out of my mouth. Loud ones. 

I wondered if my upstairs neighbors would hear me. Honestly, it made things even hotter to think that they might. 

I wanted to sink to my knees while I more or less fucked the showerhead. But I stood my ground, although barely.

The pleasure was building slowly.

I moved the water from one spot to another, even venturing towards my ass, which by then wanted some attention as well. 

The buildup was getting really strong. My nipples were hard points, and I pressed them into the cold tile of the shower, wishing someone was pushing me up against the wall and fucking my brains out. 

Finally, my six days of accumulated sex drive culminated into a knee-knocking, mind-melting, clit-numbing orgasm.

“Oh. My. God.”

And there I was, leaning against the tiles, warm and giddy from the afterglow. I was thinking to myself how I hadn’t felt something that intense since my first orgasm ever. 

I spent the rest of the day smiling, which probably freaked some of my coworkers out, but whatever! 

Later that night, when I was settling in for another jill-off, I came across a shower video. Finally, I could understand why women joked that their showerhead was their boyfriend.

Needless to say, my water bill will probably take a hit from here on out, but I can promise that it’ll be so worth it.

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