How to Increase Stamina – Xercise with Your Sex Doll

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How To Increase Your Stamina!

Xercise or sexercise — it’s fun either way

How do I increase my stamina?

Every man on Earth has probably asked themselves this question. Each man is different, and each one might have a different reason for wanting to last longer in bed. Some may want to enjoy the feeling of sex for a more extended period, some may wish to become a better lover, and others might feel embarrassed that they aren’t able to last as long as they would like.

Before we dive in further, let’s start from the beginning.How to Last Longer - Neon SEX Sign

The Sex Industry by DZone

Become a stallion in bed

Sexual endurance is a thing, and just like training for a marathon, improving your sexual endurance will prepare you for long nights in the hay. However, muscular endurance is one thing, but how can you increase stamina to last longer in bed?

Other than eating right and taking care of your health, one way is training with a sex doll.

Maybe you’ve never considered yourself the type of man to use a sex doll. That’s understandable, as there is still

How to Increase Your Stamina - Feet In Bed

quite a bit of cultural stigma against them. However, sex dolls are a toy like anything else — it just so happens to be larger, and looks like a person.

But if you’re using a sex toy to increase your stamina, doesn’t it make sense to use something that feels realistic? A sex doll’s lifelike vagina will help get you used to the feeling of a real one.

Going back to the marathon example, it’s like using a treadmill to train for a free run. While a treadmill will help you with your endurance and pace, it won’t give you the same variations in incline you encounter outside.

There are multiple benefits of having a sex doll, and using it as a training to become a better, more empowered partner in the bedroom is just one of them.

Since a sex doll is inanimate, it takes away the performance anxiety some men might feel. Nervousness and stress affect some men’s abilities to last as long as they would like. Using your doll could remove the pressure that comes with having sex with a partner so you can focus more on enjoying yourself. Additionally, a sex doll can help you regulate your body’s natural inclination to orgasm during sex.

Sex dolls are your training wheels

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The biggest arguments against sex dolls stem from fears that they increase the objectification of women, lead to abuse against real-life women, and affect users’ empathy towards others.

But for many men, sex dolls are a substitution for the real thing, not a replacement. Most men do not fall in love or form a relationship with their dolls. For them, sex dolls are just another toy to use in between their encounters with real women.

Some men choose to buy a sex doll as an alternative to promiscuity. Sex dolls give men the chance to focus more on relationship-building activities during dates, such as communication and discovering mutual interests, rather than thinking about sex.

Having a doll to “practice” lasting longer helps build self-confidence and sexual prowess in the bedroom, which is something both parties can appreciate.

If you don’t have the chance to have sex with a partner regularly, dolls can help you stay acclimated to the feeling of sex with a partner, even if they aren’t real.

Practice makes perfect

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, practicing continuously with your doll by edging will build up your mental and physical focus so you can build your stamina.

Sex dolls also give you the chance to experiment with different positions that you can use with your partner. It’s an opportunity to learn how your body operates sexually, what works for you and what doesn’t, and what you enjoy and what you don’t.

And the best part is that with a sex doll, no one else has to know about your sexercise sessions. You can rediscover your body and go through the learning process without fear of judgment. Now that’s a stress reliever.

Matt McMullen, CEO of RealDoll said in an interview,

“You go the gym, you get stronger. Having sex with the robot is only going to help with your ‘skills’. It will get you to last longer in bed, try different positions and be more adventurous.”

Slow and steady won the race

How To Last Longer - Kissing

While it can take some time, you can get to the point you want to be. Besides, it’s way more fun having sex than it is to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to hit the gym.

To conclude, sex dolls aren’t a selfish thing to own. Wanting to be a better lover for your partner is an incredible un-selfish thing. Sex dolls can be an essential tool in building your self-confidence in bed. And that confidence will transfer to other areas of your life, too.

If you’ve noticed an increase in your stamina from using a sex doll, share your experience in our doll forum. We’d love to hear about it!

Also, check out the history of sex dolls to learn more about the origins of the first sex dolls and how they’ve evolved over the centuries.

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