Girl On Girl: My First Time

My First Girl On Girl Experience

I have a best friend. Her name’s Eileen. We’ve known each other for years; I’d say about six. We’re pretty close–close enough that people make jokes about us being lesbians. But I’ve never done that girl on girl thing.

We met when I first started at my old coffee shop job. Eileen was kind of a bitch at first, but I was also kind of an idiot. 

In the weird way things happen in life, she needed a new place to stay. And I needed the fuck out of my current living situation. 

So we moved in together until we decided to move in with our respective boyfriends whom we started dating just a month apart.

We still hung out a lot on the weekends, but we missed each other a lot during the week. 

Our boys were wonderful to us, and we were both pleased in our relationships, but they didn’t get us the way Eileen and I got each other.

I threw a party one time, maybe a year after we’d moved. Of course, Eileen and her man came. Our boyfriends weren’t particularly close, but that wasn’t our concern. We only cared about getting to see each other.

That night, we got fucked up on gummy vodka bears. 

She said she didn’t mean to make them so potent, but I know her. She wanted everyone fucked up so it could be a proper party. She’s a good girl like that.

The two of us were standing in my backyard, she was smoking a cigarette, and I was standing in it so the bugs would leave me alone. 

We were talking like friends do, and she started telling me how she and her man hadn’t had sex in two months because of various issues she didn’t really get into.

She was feeling really low, and her self esteem was suffering. I tried telling her she was still hot, still sexy, but it was only words. 

I don’t know what came over me, but I leaned in and kissed her, just like that.


We’d kissed before when we lived together. Just once or twice at some ragers, but that was a long time ago. Besides,  we didn’t really talk about it. 

She was bisexual, but I was straight–I guess.

I can’t really define my sexual orientation. I didn’t really feel any sexual attraction to women unless I was drunk. So I think it’s cheating to say that I identify as bisexual.

But with Eileen, there was always this subliminal attraction, and I don’t know if it was romantic or sexual. I wouldn’t rule out any girl on girl stuff with her.

I guess there was always the potential for me to be attracted romantically to her, but you know…we were in relationships.

That night, her breath smelled like cigarettes, but I was so drunk I could barely process it. All I thought was how good of a kisser she was. It struck me how differently girls and boys kiss. 

And I really liked the way she kissed.

Maybe I was bi after all.

The moment didn’t last long, because we heard the door opening. We weren’t about to get caught Frenching when our boyfriends were just a couple feet away inside.

We never talked about that moment. But I knew it was on both of our minds when we hung out after that. 

I saw it in her eyes and felt it when her hand rested on my thighs when we drank too much. That moment followed me every time I said hi to her boyfriend or sat next to her on the couch.


I moved far away a year later. Out of all my friends, Eileen was the most devastated. She was the hardest part about leaving. I didn’t know what I would do without her. 

I loved my boyfriend, but he wasn’t Eileen.

We promised to visit when I came back home and to call every week. 

The prospect of getting drunk together on Facetime was a small consolidation. We realized that the time zone change made it impossible unless I got hammered at 6 am while she did at midnight. 

We were apart for six months. During that time, we texted almost every day. But, again, the time change was tricky.

When my boyfriend and I came back home, Eileen was the first person I called. While my man stayed at his parents, I went out the next day, still jet-lagged and haggard.

I go to her apartment and knocked on the door. It swung open, and Eileen stood in the doorway with a handle of vodka in one hand and a shot glass in the other. 

Though her hands were full, her arms weren’t, and we hugged each other the tightest we’ve ever hugged anyone in our lives. 

Instead of cigarettes, she smelled fruity. 

I asked where her boyfriend was. She said at work, but he’d be home later. I nodded, pleased to have a chance to catch up with her while reruns of Jersey Shore played as background noise.

Eileen was still doing her thing in the coffee shop. It struck me that I was gone only for six months, not six years.

As different as I felt, everything else was still very much the same. The biggest change was that Eileen switched to vaping.

I didn’t know how long we talked. But at some point, we realized that the sun dipped below the horizon and twilight was setting in.

We also realized that between the two of us, we’d killed almost half of her vodka.

I stood on wobbly legs to go to the bathroom. They were asleep from sitting so long and also from the booze, I suppose.

In their current state, they couldn’t do much, and I promptly collapsed back on the couch, right on top of Eileen as she was taking another sip of her drink. 

Sticky vodka and sprite spilled all over her, and me. It dripped down her chin and onto her chest. I tried to apologize, but she just laughed it off, saying, “What a waste!”

I did feel bad; her drink was full, and now it was everywhere–a complete waste. 

She shifted her weight; I realized I had fallen right into her lap. It was literally girl on girl.

I made a move to try and get up again, but she grabbed my wrist.

“No, don’t get up.”

I knew exactly where this was going, our kiss in my backyard flashed in my mind. This time, Eileen was the one who tilted her head and met my lips.


Instinctually, my hand reached around her head, and my fingers dragged through her hair. It was coarse but soft. I remembered how it felt when I dyed her hair when we lived together.

The faint sounds of J-Wow and Snookie drifted through one ear and out the other.

Eileen moved around again; I knew she had to be getting a little uncomfortable underneath me. Fueled by the liquor, I decided this was the last time I’d let our friendship go this far.

In the meantime, though, I was going to run with it.

I straddled her, made she knew I wasn’t going anywhere. Her hands slid down my back, to my ass, where they stayed. 

I liked it.

We kept kissing, feeling hotter and heavier each time our mouths came together. Eileen had done girl on girl stuff before, but this was my first time.


She knew what she was doing, and I think she was ready to show me. 

I was wearing a skirt–maybe on a subliminal level, I anticipated trouble, and that’s why I picked it.

Her fingers had more magic in them than a witch’s wand. That is really the only way I can describe it. 

Eileen had me literally in the palm of her hand. She had me so hot; I would have stayed with her forever. 

Goodbye to both of our boyfriends–sayonara.

I wiggled a bit so I could return the deed. Eileen’s legs spread as much as they could while I was still on top of her, and I gave her my own two cents.

Part of me felt embarrassment; was I doing this right? It seemed like I was; her eyes her closed and her head was rolling back like she was into it. 

And she was moaning.

A lot.

With my other hand, I cupped one of her breasts. Her tits were so nice; I’d thought that since we first met.

Finally feeling them was as if Christmas came early.

But that wasn’t the only thing that was about to come.


My breath caught in my chest as I climaxed. I thought cumming would feel like it did when I did it myself, but it felt like so much more. 

It was deeper, something that sent chills throughout my whole body.

I couldn’t stop, though. Not until I got Eileen to cum, too. I rocked on top of her, unable to get my fill of her. She was dry humping me, begging me to keep going– “I’m so close, don’t stop, don’t fucking stop–”

And then suddenly, she was there. I felt her body clench, then release. Her eyes screwed shut, then relaxed. She smiled at me.

“That only took six years to happen,” she sighed contentedly. 

It was good to know that my lack of girl on girl experience was still enough to satisfy her.

“Good things cum to those who wait, I guess.”

We laughed at my stupid pun, and I slowly peeled myself off her lap. I felt very sober, but after that, I felt quenched.

The stars were starting to come out. I could see their twinkling through the smudged sliding glass door.

“You wanna go out and check out the stars?” I asked. 

She was taking a drag on her vape but nodded. We stepped out on her tiny little back deck. A shitty Honda Civic with a duct tape bumper rumbled by below us and into a nearby parking stall. Her boyfriend.

We exchanged glances. Eileen’s eyes were mischevious, and it alleviated some of my worries. I knew that with a friend like Eileen, whatever happened or would happen between us, would stay that way.

And that’s just how we liked it.

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