This Is How Geoship Homes Will Change The World

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This Is How Geoship Homes Will Change The World

My name is Elyon, and I am the Queen of Naraia. But to everyone on Earth, I am the Quen of the Sex Dolls. And I’m going to tell you about the magic that is Geoship.

I came to this planet with one thing in mind: to reactivate the Earth’s eroticism. You might not realize it, but your world and your species are suffering in unison. As the Earth dies, so does your connection to it. 

Your erotic nature emits energy, which the Taoists called “chi,” and others call the “life force.” Chi is the connection between you, your neighbor, the sun, and the rest of the universe. Chi is the energy that develops a sapling to a tree and a clump of cells into a baby. It is how you realize your full self.

Sadly, centuries of repression forced humans to repress their sexual energy. Over time, humans lost themselves and their connection to the world and with each other. 

But I am determined to change that. 

Credit: Geoship

A World With No Homeless

On Naraia, homelessness is an age-old problem we eliminated hundreds of years ago. Now, we live with each other, coming and going into each others’ homes as we please. We trust each other and watch over each other. 

That’s the beauty of Naraia. And it’s all because we embrace our erotic nature and accept our sexual energy for what it is — beautiful, brilliant, and life-giving.

To reach your planet, I used a technology that is considered ancient by us Naraiains. But to you, it’s a groundbreaking innovation. It has another name on my planet, but on Earth, you call it a Geoship. 

When I landed on your planet and emerged from my Geoship, your planet’s beauty struck me. I knew it was sick, but I saw the potential and knew I made the right choice.

As I traveled, I saw more pain and suffering than I’ve ever seen in my life. It was tragic. And there were so many without homes. 

As I wandered, I thought that there had to be some way I could change it.

Credit: Geoship

A Revolution In Housing

Your planet might be small to you, but to me, it is massive compared to my little Naraia. In the last two and a half years, I have enlisted dozens of beautiful and unique sex dolls to help me. 

They have done so much for this planet and helping me achieve my mission. But our work is still far from over. 

I also knew that it would take a lot more than sex dolls to return the planet to its natural state. I pondered my next step for weeks. Then, it finally occurred to me. 

I knew that many people in your world needed homes. But I also knew that building new homes is often damaging to the environment. I thought about the houses I’ve seen, and how your planet has used the same materials and techniques for generations. 

That’s when I realized my little Geoship was the solution. 

It is the perfect solution — an environmentally-friendly building that would open the door for more people to own their own homes and live in peace with the land.

My Geoship would revolutionize your planet’s architecture — and your way of life. I channeled my energy and poured my desire into a single thought. As I drifted off to sleep, I cast that force into the world. All it had to do to come to fruition was to find the mind of the right human.

Credit: Geoship

Reconnect With Nature In A Geoship Home

I am happy to say that it worked. Inspiration found a home for itself in the mind of an ambitious architect. And that’s how Geoship Homes was born. 

Geoship Regenerative Architecture serves the Earth and its people. Its goal is transforming homes as you know it through affordable architecture that fosters the bond between humans with nature.

A home should be a shelter from the elements and a place where you can feel safe and secure. But it shouldn’t be a barrier that stops you from connecting with nature. 

Whether it’s a single studio, a full-sized house, or a village, a Geoship home keeps the planet’s needs at its center. Each structure comprises 100% non-toxic, energy-efficient materials that last longer than those used in traditional architecture.

I know that it will take a long time for the rest of the world to learn about this company. But I am patient, and I know that in time, good things will come of this. It’s just a matter of spreading the word. 

In the meantime, I continue with my mission and invite others to stand with me. Won’t you join us and find yourself in the process?

Credit: Geoship

Earth Erotic Wants The World To Know About Geoship

We believe that Geoship is changing the world through its initiative. By building affordable, sustainable, and safe housing, this company will revolutionize housing as we know it.

For more information, check out their website. And to learn about other green startups, check out the Sex Blog.

Then, visit the Shop to see what’s new in store for you. We always offer free shipping and payment plans. Just send us a message to learn more!

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