This Is How Ecosexuals Get Hard And Go Green

Are you ecosexual?

Climate change is one of the number one concerns for millennials, and we’re concerned enough about it that it’s affecting our libido. In response to these concerns, many have taken it upon themselves to take up sustainable practices, even in the bedroom. Welcome to the world of ecosexuals.

Whatever your sexual identity, more people are adding their voices to the call for more sustainable products and practices. The environmental movement is a call that grows louder each year and is getting harder to ignore.

Eco-friendly versions of everyday things you find in the bedroom like condoms, lube, and even toys are popping up online and in sex shops everywhere.

You don’t have to identify as ecosexual to be as interested in protecting the environment as you are in having sex. 

Condoms: Protection for us, not Earth

I don’t want to say that condoms are a necessary evil, but they kind of are–at least when it comes to the environment. I would never in my life say that you shouldn’t use condoms. Their importance to safe sex can’t be understated.

But there’s no denying that regular condoms aren’t the best when it comes to sustainable sex. 

A photo of condoms wrapped in packaging showing different photos of nature

First of all, they’re disposable, which is a big no-no when it comes to eco-friendly products. Second, they’re nonbiodegradable.

And, lastly, it’s required that condoms be packaged in plastic by public health authorities. 

So what’s an ecosexual to do?

New companies like Sustain Natural and Einhorn are making ecologically-conscious condoms, and well-known company Trojan is also getting in on the sustainability hype with its line of Naturalamb condoms

When it comes to condoms, we can’t do without them. Besides protecting ourselves from spreading STDs, they also help slow down overpopulation, which is a huge factor in climate change.

No matter what kind of condom you use, just make sure you don’t flush them. Not only can it directly affect you in the short term by messing up your pipes, but it’s also horrible for marine life.


Sustainable sex practices have been around long before environmental concern.

People have known for a while that aloe vera and coconut oil are natural alternatives to store-bought lube. However, the oils in these don’t work with condoms. 

A photo of a drop of lubricant against a backdrop of a field of sunflowers

So what’s a horny ecosexual to do? 

Fortunately, in addition to the rise of environmentally friendly condoms, lubricants are also seeing some change. Creating a lube that works while also steering clear of petrochemicals and natural oils can be tricky, but some companies are figuring out how to make it work. 

Take, for example, cannabis lube. It’s been around for thousands of years, but just now is starting to appear in stores. Pleasure company Foria has several CBD and THC-infused products to enhance your sexual experiences.

When you’re looking for lube or other products that have the planet in mind, keep in mind that just because the packaging says “green” doesn’t make it environmentally friendly.

For a product to be eco-friendly, it needs to be biodegradable or come from renewable resources. 

Toys for Ecosexuals

A photo of a butt plug in a circle of flowers.

Much of the material that makes up sex toys contain toxins. In fact, Greenpeace has warned consumers several times about what all goes into sex toys.

Not only that, but most are made with little consideration for the environment or the health and well-being of the people who make them. 

As a result, sustainable sex toys are becoming more common. The increasing amount of eco (and consumer) friendly options is being met with enthusiasm around the globe.

For example, sex shop Lovehoney in the UK has decided to recycle old vibrators and toys. 

EE is doing our part in the fight against climate change, too. You might even say we’re a little ecosexual ourselves. We only sell sex dolls made from TPE, which is a highly recyclable material that takes very little energy to produce.

It’s just one small thing towards a series of steps in the right directions.

Green between the sheets

Where do you think you’re going? There’s still more to explore!

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