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      Have you ever taken your dolls on trips? Feature the travel photos with your doll.

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      I bought Cindy Dollar because of this reason… I travel a lot and felt that a full-sized doll would be too much to deal with. She is lighter, smaller, and still everything I could ever want in a doll! Plus, its easier to maneuver her around…

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      I’m planning a summer cross country trip. Luckily I have an RV so it will make traveling with my doll easier. It will be good to have a travel companion! But I am concerned with her getting too hot during the day.

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      Before the pandemic, I had to travel for work a lot. I bought a lighter-weight doll and a hard case, and never had any issues, although I did drive so I never had to deal with airport security. The hard case made all the difference, I don’t think it would have been possible without one.

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      Me and my doll went mountain camping last summer. Had been wanting to try outdoor sex and it was a perfect time for the both of us. Made love with her under a beautifully warm and sunny weather.

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      Glad that you guys now have storage case for em. Been wanting to bring my doll on a trip and now I can finally do it!

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