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      Derrell M

      I do not own a sex or love doll at the moment but wish to own one soon! I understand that the sex doll is beneficial for mental health and medically therapeutic. But with my resent research between TPE and Silicone, I would definitely choose TPE, simply because this material is cheaper and feels realistic, and this is the only material EE sells!

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      The feel of TPE is much better in my opinion. I have Tina, and the only issue is cleaning her. She is rather heavy for a doll and can be a touch high maintenance but she’s my girl and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. If I’m going to spend the money, I may as well get something that’s as close to the real thing as possible.

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      I wonder if there are TPE dildos… it seems like you always hear talk about silicone. I wonder if TPE will become more popular in the future, or why it isn’t already if it’s better for the environment?

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      It’s TPE for me. Texture feels more realistic providing a very life like touch. Dolls can handle more positions as it is more flexible

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      What I like about Silicone -It does not require much maintenance compared to other sex dolls materials. Easy to sterilize so cleaning after using it wouldn’t be a problem

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