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Finally a sex doll forum for all doll lovers!

Doll Forum - Sex Doll Forum - Earth Erotic

Our doll forum is for sex dolls lovers

Earth Erotic’s sex doll forum is a meeting place doll owners and admirers. Therefore, please share your experience, thoughts, and ideas here.

Our goal is to connect the doll lover community around one of the most beautiful invention made by man (besides Internet of course), Sex Dolls. Even more are important than Internet if you think deep about it.

Doll Forum - Sex Doll Forum - Earth Erotic

When you own sex doll, you don’t understand how you’ve lived all these years without one.

Our doll forum focus on gluing the doll lover community around this fascinating subject.

Hence the different categories we hope you’ll enjoy. Contact us here to let us know if a forum category is missing.

The sex doll forum contains different categories:

Customer Support

On the customer support category, please let us know how we can improve the site if any of your doll from our store has issues, etc.


Yep, ethnicities matter 🙂 Hence Asian sex doll brainstorming… An Asian doll will not cook the same meals as a Swedish Sex Doll right? So, tell us all about your favorite ethnicities in the forum.

The future of sex

Maybe we’re going to be invaded by our robots creations soon… Wouldn’t it be better to have horny sex dolls chasing after us than mean dark killer robots? Therefore, let’s brainstorm the future of sex dolls on this forum and let’s make it happen.

The History

Let’s travel back in time together and imagine what it was like when the first sex dolls were invented by Dutch sailors in the seventeenth century. Jump on the boat, my friends!

Doll Forum - Sex Doll Forum - Earth EroticFinally, last but not least, the “MY SEX DOLL” Category. Well, please share with us your best stories here.

It seems like we’re not the only ones passionate about sex dolls. Hence this doll forum just for you. Because I don’t know if you noticed, but all other doll forums have a site that seems stuck in the 90s.

Enjoy our modern doll forum platform for this modern invention.

Oh Sex Doll, where are thou?