What You Need To Know About Sex Doll Storage

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Sex Doll Storage

Your sex doll is a work of art. She’s beautiful, and it’s understandable that if you could leave her out for everyone to see, you would. However, we know that there are times you have to tuck her away temporarily. There’s a wrong and a right way to do it, and you don’t want to risk damaging her. So, what are some of the best ideas for sex doll storage?

We did the homework and checked out what real doll owners on The Doll Forum do when the time comes to store their dolls. Let’s take a look.

First Thing’s First

Before you do anything, it’s important to know that the best way to store your doll is in the upright stance with her arms at her side. Keeping sex dolls in the same position for long periods (or even as short as a few hours) can result in damage to her skin and skeletal frame.

Additionally, if you are laying her down, make sure to pad the container she will be resting in. You don’t want her perfect ass to go flat while she’s there! And, if you do put her in something, make sure it is kept out of direct sunlight and locks out moisture.

Avoid the Attic

The gentlemen on The Doll Forum had many good ideas, some a little more labor intensive to make than others. Your method of sex doll storage is entirely up to you–it comes down to how easy it is to access her she is when you want to retrieve her.

The attic is one idea. However, the environment isn’t ideal for your sex doll’s delicate skin. Plus, carrying her up retractable attic stairs risks bumping her into the rungs, or, worse, dropping her.

Dual-Purpose Sex Doll Storage

Some of the best ways to store sex dolls are dual-purpose ones. For instance, a simple method of sex doll storage is an ottoman. You have a place for your feet as well as a safe way to protect your doll.

A 60-inch ottoman (152 cm) that is sufficiently deep enough would work great. Cedar is ideal as it repels bugs and you won’t have to worry about them getting to your doll if you store her in a container made of this wood. Plus, she’ll smell lovely without having to use perfumes that run the risk of damaging her delicate skin.

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Similarly, an under-bed storage container would do the trick. Unlike an ottoman, where someone could easily lift the lid and see inside, keeping your doll under your bed increases the likelihood of her remaining undiscovered.

One user shared his favorite idea for his under-bed sex doll storage. It’s stylish, discreet, and practical:

Sex Doll Storage - Under-Bed Storage Concept

Sex Doll Storage - Blueprint Sketch of Under-bed StorageIf you aren’t a craftsman or can’t afford to spend a lot of money on this type of bed frame, Ikea and other home decor places are great places to look. One user bought a storage drawer from Ikea for $45, removed the middle divider to make room for his doll, then used said divider for extra support on the bottom while adding padding for extra protection. Altogether it took about 30 minutes to build the container, leaving him plenty of time to spend with his doll.

Closet Storage

If that doesn’t work for you, some users said their preferred method of sex doll storage was hanging her in their closets. This way is advantageous as she’ll remain upright and can stay in the same position for more extended periods. This way, you have the option to put a lock on your closet if necessary.

Some users went so far as to build a false wall in their closet. Depending on your level of secrecy, this could be an option. One doll owner replaced the 2×4’s with 2×8’s and paneled with cedar. Then, he used a couple of star head screws on one side of the cedar panel to prevent anyone with a Swiss Army knife from opening the wall and peering inside.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Some users shared humorous stories about their sex dolls. One said he stored his doll under his bed until his housekeeper found it while vacuuming. Another joked that the easiest way to keep his doll is to keep her in plain sight and dress her in a bundle of clothes with a large hat and sunglasses and continuously call her Grandma Gertrude. Nothing sexier than that!

If you order from Earth Erotic, you have the option to add a hard storage case for $400 to your order. This case guarantees that your doll will be safe from sun, air, moisture, and protect her frame and skin. It is one of the best ways to ensure the longevity of your doll, so you have many happy years together.

There are tons of sex doll storage methods–this is just a short list to inspire some ideas hopefully. While it would be ideal to leave your doll out, some situations call for discretion.

Do you have your own ideas for the best way to store your sex doll? We’d love to hear them. Leave a comment below!

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10 thoughts on “What You Need To Know About Sex Doll Storage

  1. dollguy says:

    Good idea on the under bed storage. A lot more practical than keeping her in an ottoman and a lot less creepy than hiding her in the closet.

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  9. rnjuke says:

    I hang my doll inside my closet and make sure its limbs are in a neutral position. It’s one popular and practical way to store it

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