This Is Why Amazon Is The Devil

Shame on Amazon - Sputnik Cover of a Child Sex Doll

Amazon has come under fire lately for many reasons

If there’s one good thing about outrage culture, it’s the pressure it puts on corporations and those in power to shape up or risk losing money and support.

Amazon has found itself the subject of collective outrage numerous times, especially regarding its employees’ poor working conditions with respect to Jeff Bezos’s obscene income.

But something that failed to incite internet outrage (though remained widely reported) was the fact that Amazon allowed the sale and distribution of sex dolls that looked like children.

Child Sex Dolls Aren’t A Cure

Some argue that child sex dolls aid in reducing pedophilic urges and give pedophiles an outlet, rather than harming a real child.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Child sex dolls do not aid in reducing pedophilic urges. Allowing pedophiles (potential or otherwise) access to sex dolls resembling children is no better than giving an alcoholic liquor to stop their addiction.

Using a child sex doll normalizes, reinforces, and encourages pedophilic behavior, according to psychologists and researchers who study this behavior.

And yet, corporate giant Amazon allowed multiple sellers to distribute dolls designed explicitly to look like children.

A Slap on the Wrist

In America, customs and other agencies checking your packages and bags will seize any doll that is shorter than 150cm.

The dolls Amazon sold not only were the same size as children, but they also weighed roughly what a young child would weigh.

Despite a small group of voices calling for action and alerting the company, Amazon failed to take any severe action against the sellers.

The distributors weren’t banned. The website removed the dolls, but only for a few days.

After posting for the dolls were taken down, within a week they were reposted.

This debacle at Amazon failed to trigger the public’s outrage, which leads one to wonder why has this not sparked as much of a public outcry as it should.

“Love is Love”

Lately, a small, unwanted underground movement of trolls (or, worse, earnest individuals) via 4chan and Tumblr are justifying pedophilia. They use the LGBTQ community’s line “love is love” to include pedophilic love.

Additionally, some psychiatrists have given some rather unpopular opinions about treating pedophiles.

Let me be very clear. We do not support this on Earth Erotic.

There was an immediate backlash to any sentiment even hinting at the acceptance of pedophilia.

So why did Amazon’s mishandling of child sex dolls not have any consequences?

While the BBC did an excellent article about the issue, which you can read here, it wasn’t reported widely on major news outlets.

Maybe It’s because, in this day and age, there are so many other newsworthy things going on that it’s easy to let Amazon off the hook.

After all, they remedied the issue by taking the ads for the dolls down.

Money Over Morals

But, the fact remains that Amazon did not do enough to stop the sale of these dolls. Even a harsher punishment for the sellers who posted them would have worked.

In typical Amazon fashion, it came down to money over morals. This is why they dropped the ball so hard on this issue.

Perhaps if there is a similar incident on the site, the collective outrage machine will gear up.  Diverting money and to places that don’t passively condone the sale of child sex dolls is how this stops.

That is the only way to make a company as big as Amazon know that they aren’t immune from scrutiny.

And yeah, we placed this post in the Sex Toys History, cause in our opinion, Amazon made history with this.

And History should remember Amazon.

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7 thoughts on “This Is Why Amazon Is The Devil

  1. dirtydustin says:

    I’ve seen some videos with dolls that look like kids. Killed my boner instantly. Don’t know how people can fuck a doll that looks like a child.

  2. jollygreengiant says:

    I see vids like this with kids sometimes when I’m looking at other doll videos and it really kills my boner. I wish they could quarantine that shit

  3. jessica says:

    I read about this, this is messed up. I thought maybe child sex dolls could be used to help pedophiles but I started thinking about it and it’s still just as fucked. They shouldn’t be allowed to make these let alone sell them.

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