8 Celebrity Sex Dolls That Will Make Your Dreams Come True

Busty Redhead Sex Doll - Brooke Close Up Shot Wearing Red Dress Holding Roger Rabbit - Earth Erotic

Celebrity Sex Dolls? Go on…

If you had a celebrity sex doll that you could share your deepest sexual fantasies with, who would you choose?

What about a porn star sex doll who would take your dick day or night?

Mia Malkova? Lucy Doll

Mia Malkova - Mia From The Front - Earth Erotic

But if they’re not your cup of tea, we offer custom sex dolls so you can bring your dream girl home. 

Or, take a look at some of the most popular sex dolls from Real Doll.

You might recognize some familiar faces, and maybe some other parts as well. 😉

But first…

What are Celebrity Sex Dolls?

First thing’s first, sex dolls come in two materials: silicone or TPE. Both are incredibly realistic and highly durable.

In other words, they’re made to take a pounding. 

Plus, both materials mimic the touch and movement of a real person. 

Silicone and TPE sex toys are supple and inviting, giving you a lifelike experience you can’t pass up.

Of course, celebrity sex dolls aren’t a new idea, but they are new to the market. The most sought-after love dolls resemble popular actresses and porn stars. 

However, doll makers can’t use their likeness without the approval of the person’s estate. That means steep charges that pass to consumers for popular requests.

But, not to worry; you can order a love doll resembling your favorite fictional characters or musician. First, you have to create a backstory. After that, it’s easy to design a celebrity lookalike doll.

Kind of what we did with Jessica Rabbit — er, Brooke.

Busty Redhead - Brooke In Red Dress Ass And Pussy - Earth Erotic

Porn Star Love Dolls from Real Doll

As the first mainstream sex doll retailer, Real Doll has amassed an extensive collection of the world’s hottest luxury sex dolls. 

In addition, they also have several beautiful celebrity sex dolls that are well worth the money. 

Asa Akira

Asa Akira is one of the most popular porn star sex dolls on the market. And, like Jessica Rabbit, she’s a fictional character. 

She measures 5’2” tall, has average-sized breasts, has a slender build, and is guaranteed to blow you away — in more ways than one!

Real Doll Asa Akira
Photo Source: Real Doll

Stormy Daniels

No matter your political affiliation, we can all agree Stormy Daniels is a blonde bombshell. 

This life-size sex doll is 5’7”, has large DD breasts, and curves that models Marilyn Monroe’s.

Who wouldn’t want the chance to get her in bed? 

Celebrity Sex Dolls - Stormy Daniels - Real Doll
Photo Source: Real Doll

Kaylani Lei

How is it possible to be so adorable but so drop-dead sexy? Only Kaylani Lei knows.

Her celebrity sex doll counterpart is 4”11, has the perkiest breasts, and a petite body that’s as tight on the inside as it is on the outside.

Celebrity Sex Dolls - Kaylani Lei - Real Doll

Lupe Fuentes

Add a little spice to your life with Real Doll’s Lupe Fuentes

She measures 4’11” feet tall, has medium-sized breasts that are the perfect handful, and a rocking body. 

You’ll love every moment you have with your Lupe Fuentes sex doll.

Celebrity Sex Dolls - Lupe Fuentes - Real Doll

Jessica Drake

A life with this beauty is a life well-lived, in our opinion.

Real Doll’s silicone version of Jessica Drake is 5’9” and has large breasts that jiggle and bounce like Jell-O. 


Celebrity Sex Dolls - Jessica Drake Real Doll - Real Doll

Alektra Blue

With Alextra Blue, the only one who’ll be begging is you.

She’s 5’8”, has large breasts, and a toned body. If you purchase this celebrity sex doll, we doubt you’ll ever be able to find your way out of bed.

Celebrity Sex Doll - Alektra Blue - Real Doll

Samantha Saint

Samantha Saint looks like your typical girl-next-door type, but she’s anything but that.

This beautiful blonde stands at 5’8” tall and has a full figure that’s hotter than a California summer. 

Celebrity Sex Doll - Samantha Saint - Real Doll

Custom Sex Dolls and More from Earth Erotic

Your true companion is waiting for you! It might be a lifelike sexdoll, a cute girl sex doll, or an alien sex doll.

Visit the Shop for a huge selection of sexy sex dolls, including Maria Ozawa, a realistic Japanese sex doll, and Lei, a Chinese sex doll.

We offer payment plans and free shipping, so you get the doll of your dreams. Our worlds most realistic sex doll and sex doll bondage toy are waiting for you to pick them up.

Also, don’t forget to tune in every week for a new post in the Sex Blog like How To Choose Love Dolls and Silicon Wives Luxury Love Doll Retailer Review

Have a special request? Leave a message in the Forum!

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