BioCarbon Engineering: Revolutionizing Forest Restoration

BioCarbon Engineering - Mangrove Trees

Nature is sexy.

Earth Erotic was founded with the mission of reactivating Earth’s eroticism. At this concept’s core is the desire to change the way we as humans perceive our sexuality for the better.

But, just as crucial to our mission is experiencing the natural beauty of our planet with new eyes.

Nature is sexy, and Earth Erotic wants to remind others of nature’s value in our lives. Climate change, endangered species, deforestation–we hear stories in the news every day about Earth’s gradual destruction.

It is easy to feel desensitized to the troubling world around us. But that doesn’t mean we should stop caring.

Perhaps apathy is growing. But across the world, there are thousands–if not millions–of people working together to reverse the damage already done.

BioCarbon Engineering - A Man Operating A Drone

Sexy Startups: BioCarbon Engineering

One of these groups is BioCarbon Engineering, a startup partnering with Worldview International Foundation who uses drones to help plant mangrove trees in Myanmar.

In addition, BioCarbon Engineering also plants trees and grasses in abandoned Australian mines.

Using drones to replant mangrove forests in coastal cities is faster and more efficient. In theory, two operators controlling ten drones can plant 400,000 trees in a day. While this number is enormous, it pales in comparison to the over one billion trees that are needed to replenish deforested mangrove trees.

So far, BioCarbon Engineering has helped plant over six million trees. The company hopes to plant four million more by the end of 2019.

Bettering Lives & Communities

And while some raise concerns about technology overtaking jobs performed by people, BioCarbon Engineering is committed to training locals to use the drones, process data, create vertical farms, and more. These skilled jobs will give people living in these communities a better way of life and more opportunities to provide for their families.

Drones aren’t the only thing BioCarbon Engineering uses to help the environment. The startup also uses biodegradable seed pods whenever it plants something. These pods carry different kinds and sizes of seeds and are scalable for even the most difficult planting conditions.

Using biodegradable seed pods helps restore wetlands like those found in Myanmar by ensuring the seeds take root and minimize the tidal impact on germination.

BioCarbon Engineering - Mangrove Forest

How Earth Erotic Helps

Earth Erotic, in its own way, is also making an effort to remain true to our commitment to the environment.

We’ve chosen only to sell dolls made of TPE, or thermoplastic elastomer. TPE is a synthetic rubber with a high potential for recyclability.

It uses less energy to manufacture than other materials with similar properties like silicone or latex.

Exclusively selling dolls made from TPE may be a small measure, but little decisions like these add up to make significant changes. It’s a reminder for others that even the most minor action can make a difference, especially in regards to the Earth.

Saving the planet is sexy. So come on; it isn’t too late to reclaim Earth’s eroticism.

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