6 Alpha Male Strategies That Will Improve Your Life

No-B.S. Alpha Male Strategies That Work

Maybe He’s Born With It…

Have you ever wanted to be the guy who walks into the room and has enough charm to spare?

Do you tell yourself that you’ll never be that guy because being an alpha male is only for those who hit the genetic lottery?

Well, you’re in luck, because you can become that guy. 

Even better is the fact that no matter what you look like, how much you make, or how introverted you are, there are alpha male strategies you can implement to be the man you know can become.

Alpha Male Strategies - Alpha Male Vs. Beta Male Infographic
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Never Stop Improving

No, that’s not a subliminal Home Depot ad–it’s your first bit of advice.

Alpha male strategies are as varied and subjective as personal opinions, which makes it a little tricky to pinpoint what exactly makes someone an alpha. 

It’s understandable why a man would want to be the top dog. After all, they seem to have a lot of success not just with women, but in social circles and the workplace, too.

But not everyone is born with the traits of an alpha male. Maybe you’ve thought about yourself as a “beta male.”

Well, stop that!

You have the power to change yourself. 

Even if you don’t care for your job, or you don’t have a big circle of friends, that doesn’t stop you from a little self-improvement.

You Always Have Time For What You Put First

Invest in some self-care habits and make a routine out of it. 

Source: twentytwowords.com

You don’t like the guy you see in the mirror?

Will you spend the next couple of decades disliking him, or will you take six months out of your life to finally make the changes you want to see?

Sure, it’s not easy. We get that.

You might have your struggles, some mental health issues holding you back.

Do what you can with what you have, and seek out help in the meantime, whether it’s therapy, medication, whatever. 

And don’t base your journey to become an alpha male on motivation. That’s fleeting and temporary. 

But routines and habits? Those are forever.

Now Has Never Been A Better Time

Our society is currently changing, and very rapidly at that.

“Alpha male” once brought about images of James Bond, Rambo, or some other tough and macho guy. 

There was no room for men viewed as feminine, who were in touch with their feelings, shy, socially anxious, or whatever.

Shy Guy Cosplay At New York Comic Con 2018 | Source: dailydot.com

What used to be considered nerdy, like sci-fi and superheroes, are now mainstream.

It’s cool to have hobbies that aren’t just sports and fucking chicks, like some 80s movie. 

You can be introverted but still have magnetism.

That’s called being mysterious. 

So now, let’s take a look at some more alpha male strategies to get more concrete ideas for you. 

Personality, Baby 

Yes, it’s true–it’s all about personality.

You can be the hottest man on the planet, but if you’re a complete asshole (or a creep), it won’t even matter. 

Source: oaxlifecoaching.com

So as you work on yourself, you may want to consider a healthy amount of self-reflection. Not the self-deprecating kind where you just beat yourself up over the past.

Sure, you might cringe a little, and that’s okay. 

Being embarrassed about things you’ve done in the past is just a sign that you’ve grown as a person and recognize past mistakes.

But allow yourself to move on. Instead, focus your attention on the positive traits within that you can make work for you.

Dominance vs. Domineering

Before we get down to business, it’s best to clarify the difference between dominant and domineering.

The reason why we want to clear this up is that alpha males do have a way of taking charge and being a strong force in most situations.

But it’s important that you remember not to take this dominance too far, lest you come off pushy or douchy.

A lot of research has been conducted about alpha male strategies and what exactly draws women to dominant men.

Many of these studies found that women find dominance sexually attractive, but not aggressive, overbearing behaviors. 

Source: fatherly.com

Shocker, right?

Think of dominance as confidence and assertion. Domineering, on the other hand, is more demanding, violent, or narcissistic.

Both types of behavior can give you control of your situation, whether it’s personal, professional, or social. 

But one involves self-awareness as well as an awareness of others. The other is a complete disregard for those around you, and perhaps an inability to read social cues.

In the same vein, acting like you don’t care is one thing, but being downright apathetic or rude is different than being flexible or going with the flow.

So, if you want to be more assertive, always make sure to practice kindness right along with it. Those two things will take you a long way on the road to becoming an alpha male.

Women love that, promise.

Team Players

Confidence and assertion are two alpha male strategies that can be difficult to master, especially they aren’t in your nature.

Source: istockphoto.com

As you develop those qualities, other things may be easier to focus on, especially for natural people-pleasers.

Alpha males are team players and natural leaders. They are cooperative, know how to work with others, and don’t steamroll or gatekeep.

If being in charge isn’t your thing, it’s possible to lead from behind the scenes.

Set an example with your actions, and don’t be afraid to speak up if you have an idea you would like to share.

Altruistic Male = Ultimate Alpha

Women love a little altruism. In fact, everyone does.

A true alpha male isn’t afraid to show signs of kindness and selflessness for others, be it friends or strangers.

Alpha Male Strategies - Altruism Is Sexy
Source: greatergood.berkeley.edu

It’s easy to tell when someone is fake just to save face or impress somebody. That’s a douche, not a real alpha male.

Being genuine to those around you is a great alpha male strategy to develop because it helps you become more honest with yourself in the process.

Additionally, it’s wildly attractive seeing a man work hard to improve himself and also build others up with him.

Being supportive, motivational, and helping others feel better about themselves is one way to get noticed by everyone in the room and be that guy that people want to know.

While alpha males are self-sufficient protectors, they are also sensitive. Gone are the days when a “real man” had no regard for the feelings of himself or others.

Internalizing emotions is not only unhelpful but extremely detrimental. So, don’t be afraid to get in touch with your feelings. 

Consider seeing a counselor. A few sessions won’t hurt, and you will learn a lot about yourself and maybe even get the tools to continue improving yourself.

Alpha Male Body Language 

Some of these alpha male strategies may seem like common sense, but there’s a reason why they work. 

It’s called body language for a reason. It says things and conveys a message, even if you aren’t speaking.  Confident body language is noticeable the moment you walk into a room. 

Source: youareyourreality.com

So, some outward behaviors you can practice are things that make other people feel that you are genuinely interested in what they’re saying.

That means eye contact, leaning towards someone who is speaking to you, and keeping your arms and legs uncrossed.

If you aren’t the most confident man, and you get nervous while interacting in various social groups, understand that it’s okay. 

Accept the feeling, but don’t let the anxiety dominate you. After all, you’re the dominant one!

You can always try to fake it ’til you make it. And who knows? You may develop some good habits in the process!

To hide any tension or anxiety you have, keep your chin up, your hands out of your pockets, refrain from fidgeting, and sit or stand up straight.

Try not to move sporadically; in other words, maintain control of your movements. 

And, at the risk of sounding like your old man, make sure you have a good, firm handshake.

Alpha male tips might sound like things taught in finishing school, but people will notice these things, and they will help boost your confidence.

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