Earth Erotic

Nature is Erotic!

Sex is at the core of nature’s willpower.

Look at the curves of the plants, the caress of a river against a rock or the obvious constant copulation of the animal kingdom. Nature is erotic, there is no debating it.

Yet, sex has been disparaged for centuries. We don’t live in the Dark Ages or Puritan England anymore,  but those harmful attitudes persist. Granted, things have changed, but old habits die hard.

We’re here to change that!

These dolls are life-long companions that will bring a heightened love and affection to our humanity. Let them teach us a love for our nature.

When you purchase your love doll from us, you don’t only purchase a sex toy. You build a relationship with us.

We’re so glad you’re here!

We Represent The Following Brands

Elyon inc - Gold Seal - Earth Erotic Sex Doll Shop

  • Piper Doll
  • Doll4Ever
  • Dollhouse 168
  • WM Doll

See certificates at the bottom of this page.

WM Logo - Earth Erotiq Certified ResellerLogo Pipper Doll - Certified Reseller - Earth Erotiq  Doll4Ever Logo - Certified Reseller - Earth ErotiqLogo Doll House 168

Note: Clothes, tattoos, and rhinestones come from other manufactures and will arrive separately from your doll.

We’re Elyon, inc

Earth Erotic began in 2018 with only a few dolls. But by the time we incorporated in 2019 as Elyon, inc, it didn’t take long to earn our “certified sex doll shop” status.

Our collection of luxury sex dolls has expanded quite a bit since we first started. Also, we now offer accessories for your doll (or anyone else!), including temporary tattoos and lingerie.

We are based in Boston, Massachusetts. You can find us here: – Elyon inc, file number 7466066

Business Name: Elyon, Inc
Business Type: S Corp
Formation State: Delaware
Category: Technology
Description: We sell wellness intelligent products.

Address: 1221 College Park Dr. Suite 116
City: Dover
State: DE
ZIP: 19904

Registered Agent
Registered Agent Name: LegalCorp Solutions, LLC

If you’re passionate about a brand and would like us to carry it in our store, please let us know. You can tell us in the Live Chat or by email at [email protected].

We also welcome additional feedback about your experience on EE and how we could improve to make you feel at home and at ease when you visit our site.

What We Do

Here at Elyon, Inc, we search tirelessly to bring you the most beautiful love dolls in the world. When you purchase a love doll from us, you’re not just getting a top-tier sex toy; you’re buying a work of art that you can proudly keep in your bedroom.

We are your premium provider of authentic luxury sex dolls. All of our dolls are carefully selected to ensure real TPE materials. We only provide quality sex dolls from the industry’s most talented manufacturers.

  • We provide fast, free, and discreet shipping with every order and secure payment options and payment plans.
  • At, we believe that sex dolls can be great accessories to improve your sex skills and become the alpha male you know yourself to be.
  • We strive to show you the beauty and complexity of women through the stories we share on each doll’s profile, as well as our blog.

Follow our blog and order your doll from the sex doll shop today. After all, the better you understand women, the better you understand yourself.

You don’t need to guess where to take your first step — it’s right here in front of you.

The next journey in your life Starts here in our store.

Reseller Certificates

WM Doll Certificate

WM Doll - Reseller Certificate - Earth Erotic

WM Doll - Certificate of Authenticity - Earth Erotiq Sex Doll ShopAbout WM DOLL

As a certified sex doll shop, we want to give you peace of mind when you purchase from us.

To verify that your doll is 100% WM Doll certified and that we are certified resellers, the package will contain a certificate of authenticity label.

When you receive your doll, scratch the label to find your code. Then, enter the code on the WM Dolls Anti-fake System.

Please note

There is a prevalence of fraudulent retailers that claim to be certified resellers, including some manufactures in China who build cheap WM Model knockoffs.

These models are inferior in every way. The materials do not have the same longevity as genuine WM, Piper Doll, or the Models we sell from the brands we represent. The TPE easily tears and is susceptible to blemishes, the body is prone to damage when moved, and the skeletal frame does not maintain its position or range. In many instances, customers do not receive their orders.

Piper Doll Certificate

Reseller Certificate from Pipper Doll to Elyon inc - Earth Erotic Sex Doll Shop

Doll House 168 Certificate

Doll House 168 Reseller Certificate for Elyon inc - Earth Erotic

Doll Forever CertificateDoll4Ever Reseller Certificate to Elyon inc - Earth Erotiq

DMCA verified

We are DMCA certified.

DMCA Verified - Earth Erotic

What is the DMCA Website Certificate?

MC Afee Secure

Our business is verified from The McAfee SECURE certification which lets visitors know that a site is secure, with the reputation of one of the leading personal device security companies in the world. By passing the weekly scan, we can maintain this certification. The seal below is dynamic.

Certified, Secure Payment Plans

You can learn more about how much we value your security here.

We’re proud to say that we now have payment plans options with Klarna to allow people to purchase our TPE Sex Dolls for less than $100/month.

Klarna is fully secure and has been gaining lots of traction in the U.S the past year. If Snoop Dogg vouches for it, well, we do too!

Live Chat

We try to answer as many of your custom dolls questions in our FAQs. But if you still have any questions, please get in touch with us through our Chat located on the bottom right corner of the Live Chat page in the top menu.

Additionally, you might find these articles informative:

For any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or call (617) 960-2880 — Don’t be shy!

Our Forum

If you have any questions about the future of sex or have customer support questions you’d like to share with your fellow doll owners, feel free to post in our forum.

Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program gives 10%, which is the highest rate of any sex doll shop in the industry. That’s because we believe that the love doll revolution should be shared.

The Best Sex Doll Guide 2018 will guide you to understand the sex doll industry.

As you inform yourself and learn about the industry, share your affiliate links on forums, video websites, and your blog. Learn more here.


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