10 Reasons You Need To Buy A Sex Doll

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Why Buy A Realistic Sex Doll?

Oh, buddy, there are so many reasons to buy a sex doll. You don’t really know how good it is to have one until you try it for yourself.

But if you’re debating, here’s 10 of them, just for a little bit of persuasion. 😉

Owning A Sex Doll’s Not As Weird As You Think It Is

We live in a new society. Slowly but surely, it’s shedding previous generations’ sex-negative ideologies.

More folks are accepting previously unacceptable sexual behaviors, from homosexuality, masturbation, and–gasp!–porn. 

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Don’t be afraid! It’s only Kelly, the tpe love doll. 😉

There’s less of a fixation on what happens in other peoples’ bedrooms. That easily takes away some of the stress that comes with having an interest in non-traditional sexual behaviors.

Take porn, for example. Getting caught watching porn or reading a titty mag could end up being the most embarrassing moment of your life. It was completely demonized.

But now, everyone watches porn. And while yes, it can be embarrassing to get busted with it, it’s not a life-ending situation like it used to be. 

Sex dolls are the new porn. People look down on those who use them or think that they’re the end of society or promote unhealthy deviant behaviors.

See? Exactly. Like. Porn.

Now that we’re in this transition period, more kinks, fantasies, and lifestyles are becoming more mainstream. 

Chances are, more people would buy a sex doll if they were as easy to hide as porn. 

Having A Sex Doll Is Having A Chance At Fucking Your Dream Girl

Unfortunately, you may never get the chance to sleep with Scarlet Johanson, or whoever your dream girl is. 

But a customizable sex doll could be the next best thing.

You could set yourself up for one amazing sexual experience after another by investing in a doll with every specification you’ve dreamed of.

There’s no such thing as a perfect woman or an ideal man, but a realistic sex doll can be the closest thing to it.

You Can Experiment With Your Sexuality

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experiment with your sexuality, but are too afraid to follow

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Saying no to Leo, a male silicone sex doll is as hard as his…you know


A sex doll is ideal for those who have had thoughts about their sexuality but aren’t sure how to proceed.

Any kind of sexual interaction with someone of the same gender can be a nervewracking experience for some. The nerves can take away all the fun in exploring another part of yourself.

A doll leaves more room to go balls deep and focus on yourself as you decide what turns you on.

Plus, it also saves you the distraction of any emotional turmoil that comes with real-life sex.

No Strings Attached Sex On A Whim

In a way, having sex with a sex doll might be considered more ethical than leading someone on in a relationship, you know you don’t plan to keep.

You might be going through a time in your life where you aren’t ready for a relationship, but obviously, still, need sex.

Human interaction is important and very necessary. But if you know in your heart that you can’t focus on anyone else besides yourself, a sex doll may be just what you need. 

It’s an excellent way to satisfy the very human need for sex, minus the complications that come with other people.

That way, when you are ready for a relationship, you’ll be able to think more clearly, and you won’t be as focused on getting laid. 

Or, if you’re married t your spouse’s sex drive isn’t as high as yours, a love doll might be the solution.

Too often, marriages fall apart because of sexual satisfaction and frequency. If you buy a sex doll, you can still satisfy your need for sex without cheating. 

Sex dolls don’t say no, so you can have sex freely, whenever you feel like it.

No drama, no hurt feelings–doesn’t that sound awesome?

It’s Safer Than Sleeping Around


To begin with, there is nothing wrong with promiscuity.

But, it’s no secret that having multiple partners can increase your chances of coming in contact with someone with an STD. 

In fact, the percentage of people who have STDs is growing once again. 

There is a new viral prank going around playing on peoples’ fears of catching something.

Friends send each other phony (but very real-looking) SMS messages from a clinic informing them a recent partner has tested positive for an STD and that they may be at risk.

Maybe you’ve had a scare before–if you have, you know it’s a terrible feeling.

So, you take precautions and play it safe. But condoms can take away a lot of pleasure. And besides, when you’re in the moment, it can be easy to forget to wear one in the first place. 

A love doll takes away the anxiety of STDs while still giving you the freedom to have sex whenever you want.

Oh yeah, you don’t have to worry about getting someone pregnant!

It’s Good Practice

Sex dolls are great for building your sexual stamina and lasting longer in bed

Whether you’re single, dating, or in a relationship, your partner (or future partner) will definitely appreciate it. 

You can get a better idea of positions you enjoy and what really blows you away, so you can have a clearer idea of what you want. 

On the other hand, using a sex doll takes some of the pressure of having to perform in bed. You don’t have to worry about ejaculating too quick or trying to impress someone.

All you have to do is sit back and enjoy yourself!

You Don’t Have To Worry About Disappointment

It’s understandably frustrating when you take someone on a date with the hope of having sex, but nothing happens.

Buy A Sex Doll - Portrait of unhappy Young Couple In Bedroom
Source: photodune.net

Sex dolls, while pricey, are cheaper than dating, and you know that at the end of the night, you’ll always be able to get laid. 

If you’re in a relationship or married, you might be tired of the same routines and positions. Or, your partner might not be willing to try new things.

If you’re in a relationship, introducing a sex doll in the bedroom is a great way to spice up your love life. 

Many of Earth Erotiq’s customers are couples who want to buy a sex doll to fulfill each others’ fantasies.

It’s a good way to take the pressure off your partner while still getting the most out of a shared sexual experience.

Perfect For Adventurous Couples

More couples are indulging in activities like swinging, threesomes, and other previously taboo practices. 

Of course, it’s sometimes hard to tell when a sexual fantasy should become a reality.  On-the-fence couples could buy a sex doll to decide if they’re ready to introduce another person in their bedroom trysts.

It’s the perfect way to leave the drama at the door and keep resentment and hurt feelings from ruining a good thing.

Today’s Sex Dolls Are Super Realistic

From AI sex robots to vibrating pussies, the silicone sex dolls of today are a far cry from the old blow-up dolls from 10 years ago. 

Many sex doll owners say that love dolls feel about 65% like the real thing. But with a little lube and some warming, it can be nearly indistinguishable from a real person.

Sure, lifelike sex dolls may just souped-up sex toys. But they’ll get the job done, and they’ll get it done right.  

Buy A Sex Doll - Infographic
Source: sexdollslove.com

Sex Dolls Are More Affordable

Better tech means more demand, and the sex doll industry is booming. Tons of new manufacturers and companies are rising to meet an ever-growing interest.

That means increased production, more affordable products, and lower prices for consumers. If you’re looking to buy a full size sex doll for yourself, you’re in luck. Now has never been a better time. 

Let’s Talk About Sex (Dolls)

If you want to buy a sex doll, Earth Erotic has a variety of luxury TPE sex dolls to choose from: a huge tit tpe sex doll, petite sex doll, and even custom sex doll, we have them and more..

Find your perfect match, then see how easy payment plans and free shipping makes it to get her home ASAP.

Curious to know what it feels like to be fucking a real Japanese sex doll or fun sex facts? Check out the Sex Blog for that and more. Learn about Marquis de Sade, a history of porn if you are a porn fan, and learn about sexual revolution.

If you want to share your reasons to buy a sex doll, or just say hello, drop a line in the Forum.


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