10 Sex Doll Facts You Need To Know

Sex dolls are nothing new. The industry has experienced rapid growth and development in the technology that goes into making more realistic dolls.

However, the general attitude towards sex dolls and the people who buy them has mostly stayed the same.

If you’re trying to educate yourself about the subject, the information about them generally has a negative bias. But, with all things that are deemed inappropriate or taboo by society, there comes a sense of excitement in learning about sex dolls.

So, here is a list of 10 facts about sex dolls you didn’t know you needed to know.

Japanese Sex Doll - Close Up Shot Of Risako Sitting In Bed - Earth Erotic1. In Japan, sex dolls are called “Dutch Wives.”

You may remember this one from our “Brief History Of Sex Dolls” piece.

Dutch sailors were one of the first people to create the prototype of what we today now call sex dolls. They used what supplies they had, like cloth and leather, to make their travel companions.

Called “dame de voyage” in French or “dama de viaje” in Spanish, which roughly translates to “lady travel” in English, these dolls quickly caught on in popularity.

Since at the time, the Dutch were the only Western country engaged in trade with Japan, they sold the dolls to Japanese sailors, who also took a liking to these makeshift girlfriends.

Ever since, the name “Dutch Wives” has stuck as the slang for love dolls in Japan.

2. Was Barbie based on a sex doll?

In 1950s Germany, a small doll based on named Bild Lilli was released.

Based on a foul-mouthed cartoon character one writer deemed to be “a pornographic caricature,” the Bild Lilli doll had no holes but was erotic enough that her target market included adult men.

The company made two sizes: 7.5 inches and 11.5 inches.

The rumor is that the Bild Lilli doll was the inspiration for Mattel’s Barbie.

3. We can thank Howard Stern for the rise in popularity of modern sex dolls.

When Matt McMullen, CEO of RealDoll, began actively selling his dolls online in the 90s, Howard Stern bought one for his show.

Allegedly he had sex with it, but that’s unconfirmed. What we do know is that he talked McMullen’s doll creation up for its realism on his incredibly influential show.

This stunt put McMullen’s name–and company–on the radar and a surge in demand for his dolls resulted. And ever since then, the production of sex dolls has only gotten better.

4. There used to be a Japanese TV show with a sex doll as its main character.

The short-lived Lovetopia centered around a man and his talking sex doll friends. While the premiere failed spectacularly (literally no one showed up to the viewing), those who watch “West World” or “Lars and the Real Girl” may find it worth checking out.

5. Eastern Europeans get a kick out of sex dolls.

On “National Men’s Day” in Lithuania, men can participate in a swimming competition using sex dolls as rafts.

And likewise in Russia, there used to be an event called the “Bubble Baba Challenge,” where guys tried to stay afloat on their sex dolls as they sped down a river. However, authorities canceled the event in 2013 due to health and safety concerns.

6. Which cities show sex dolls the most love?

Ever wondered which cities in the world have the biggest hard-on for sex dolls? A 2008 study of Internet searches revealed that the Philippines as the number one country, closely followed by Australia and the U.S. For Australia, Sydney and Melbourne had the most searches, and in the U.S., Los Angeles and Chicago.

7. The guy who made the Fleshlight tried to make a sex doll of his own.

In 1995, the inventor tried to patent his love doll creation by filling a mannequin with an “oily elastomer.” However, the idea didn’t entirely take off the way he’d planned.

8. By 2050, sex dolls will be a regular part of society.

Plausibly in the next 30 years, sex robots and other AI-infused dolls will see a surge in popularity and acceptance all across the world.

Whether the dolls are used in sex doll brothels or kept at home for personal use, it seems that the trend towards normalizing sex dolls is on the rise.

Certainly, as mainstream TV continues to introduce the concept through shows like West World, the discussion will continue to evolve.

9. Sex dolls in nursing homes?

You might have heard that the spread of STDs in elderly patients are a problem in nursing homes.

Maybe its because old folks are just saying “fuck it” when it comes to protection, or maybe its because its impossible to get pregnant at that age.

Whatever the case, some people have suggested introducing sex dolls to people who live in assisted living facilities as a means of expressing physical needs the home cannot provide. For example, sex dolls would help with loneliness as well as give a sense of freedom over one’s sexuality when moved into a care home.

10. Female Sex Dolls Sales Way Outnumber Males

At probably no surprise to anyone, the rate of female to male sex doll sales are 9 to 1. This finding is according to a study done by the RealDoll Company.

On the other hand, the focus on male sex dolls hasn’t declined. There seems to be an even higher number of male dolls. But whether they’re for the ladies or other men, we have yet to find out.

While a growing number of women may be turning to sex dolls as a tool to use with their partners, for the most part, female dolls continue to dominate sales in this market.

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  1. Princess Paula says:

    Hopefully one day guy sex dolls will be just as popular, it’d be nice to have some variety instead of the same old male dolls… Maybe it’d teach women how to get off on a dick, too.

  2. moran_the_man says:

    This is interesting, wondering if there’s some stats out there for the number of couples that use them. Bought one to use with the wife after reading some of the older posts about introducing them in the bedroom. Unfortunately I can’t seem to leave comments on those but I think it’s helped me and my old lady out a lot

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  4. a-a-ron says:

    I’d love to go to one of those festivals! I also heard that the Australian police department had to make a public announcement or something that blow up sex dolls are not flotation devices because lol Maybe I’m wrong though

  5. mikenike says:

    Wow I had no idea for some reason I thought sex dolls were like kind of a new thing, like 20th century or something.

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